Silhouette flexing their arms and building a healthy mindset against the sun

13 Steps To Creating a Healthy Mindset

Everyone knows that a healthy body is crucial to lifelong well-being. But it’s important to not forget about mental wellness while you’re working toward good health. After all, the body and the mind work together so you feel and look your best your whole life! So how do you achieve mental well-being? I know, it can be a little hard to figure out sometimes.

Luckily, I’ve worked with lots of clients over the years and learned from their stories. I’ve distilled the best tips for you here. You can work toward a happy, healthy mindset. I believe in you. Here are 13 things you can incorporate into your daily mindset practice that can help you shift toward a more radiant YOU!

What steps to take to grow your healthy mindset?

1. A healthy mindset starts by believing yourself

It’s been said that you are your own best friend, and it’s true! People with a healthy mindset believe in themselves. They know that they deserve the best and that they are important. They don’t allow negative voices around them to bring them down. They have healthy affirmations that get them through negative situations. They refuse to succumb to the downward spiral caused by unhealthy criticism. They believe that they deserve love and support.

2. Loving yourself is important for a healthy mindset

Those with a healthy mindset have taken the time to cultivate lots of self-love. They have put in the work to learn to appreciate who they are. They fully accept themselves and embrace that person with kindness and compassion. They tell themselves daily that they are worthy of love. Then they make choices that reflect that self-love. They push out negative self-talk and replace it with positive thoughts about who they are and what they deserve.

3. Be honest with yourself for a healthy mindset

Being positive and self-loving doesn’t mean that they lie to themselves. No, people with a healthy mindset constantly check in to make sure they’re being honest. When they’ve “messed up” they take responsibility for their actions, they don’t make excuses, and they immediately make amends. Instead of complaining and whining, they honestly address a problem to find a healthy solution. When challenges come their way, they face them head on and find a way through.

4. Don’t hold back for your healthy mindset

People with a healthy mindset don’t allow themselves to be timid or to hide their abilities. In the face of a challenge, they stand empowered and unafraid. When they want to achieve something difficult, they don’t cower or hide. They get out there, show up, and do hard things. They’re proud of who they are and what they can do to create meaningful change in the world.

5. Grow a healthy mindset by learning from your mistakes 

Those with a healthy mindset aren’t afraid of making mistakes. They see them as opportunities to learn so they can do better next time. Once they’ve absorbed the lesson from the mistake, they don’t dwell on it. They move on and say, “What’s next!” They check in with themselves regularly to make sure they’re on-course, then correct as needed. They don’t hold back or hold things in to avoid mistakes. Instead, they accept challenges and failures as part of developing better skills.

6. Continue learning to strength a healthy mindset

People with a healthy mindset are always open to new life lessons and personal growth. They love learning and welcome opportunities to grow - professionally and personally. They value staying “sharp” and find fun and challenging ways to keep on top of their mental health. They enjoy classes, workshops, and conferences that will teach them better life skills. They also see life lessons as opportunities for learning and growth.

7. Make a plan to continue growing your healthy mindset

Those with a healthy mindset know that you need to make a plan to achieve a goal. They understand the science of goal setting, so they simplify each goal into smaller, attainable steps. They take the time to find their “why” in life and they always remind themselves of that purpose. If their life is veering too far away from that purpose, they stop to evaluate and course correct.

8. Your healthy mindset needs to start with a purpose

Speaking of purpose… People with a healthy mindset spend lots of time thinking about what their purpose is in life. They direct their lives with meaning guiding the way. They have found their passion and they use it daily to give back to others. They find meaningful ways to contribute to their community through their life purpose.

9. Focus on the positive to build your healthy mindset

Those with a healthy mindset know that negativity won’t help them overcome challenges and achieve personal growth. While they are always realistic about situations, they find ways to focus on the positive aspects to find a healthy solution. They always find the silver lining and something to look forward to.

10. Find balance to find peace with your healthy mindset

A healthy mindset wouldn’t be healthy without balance. Those who have cultivated a healthy mindset know that extremism won’t allow you to grow, learn, and be positive. They seek balance and moderation in everything they do. They are ambitious, yet know when to rest. They take good care of their bodies, yet know when it’s okay to have a little fun. They give to others, yet also know when it’s time to give to themselves.

11. A healthy body will help your healthy mindset

Yo-yo dieting and on-again-off-again exercise is unhealthy and also dangerous for the mind. People with a healthy mindset focus on eating healthy and exercising consistently. They’ve developed a realistic plan that they know they can achieve daily. When they “fall off the wagon,” they get back on their path and keep going without delay. They know that sleep is crucial to overall health and well-being, so they find solutions to their sleep issues and always get enough rest. They manage their stress and find ways to relax every day. They also head outside regularly so they can enjoy the wellness benefits of nature.

12. The people you surround yourself with have a profound impact on your healthy mindset

People with a healthy mindset avoid surrounding themselves with toxic people who don’t love and support them. They seek out happy, positive people who are like-minded and supportive. They then guard their inner circle wisely to make sure they always surround themselves with love and compassion. The happy people around them support their happiness in return. They then reflect back that joy, resulting in a continuous circle of support and safety. They spend lots of time laughing with their tribe!

13. Live in the present moment for a healthy mindset

People with a healthy mindset realize that life will pass you by quickly and that you need to slow down to enjoy each moment. They find activities that help them slow down. They take part in mindfulness practices so they can learn to be in the present. When things don’t go their way, they don’t get stuck and they don’t dwell. They keep moving and appreciating. They don’t hold back and they don’t hold things in. They respect the moment and do what is necessary to make it meaningful.

Only you can cultivate your healthy mindset

If you’re not there yet, don’t be hard on yourself. Be kind and gentle, then make a goal to begin to cultivate these healthy mindsets. No one starts out doing all these things. You have to dedicate time each day to working toward these mindsets. Take it slow, be consistent, and always lean toward self-love and forgiveness. Before you know it, you’ll read through this list and realize you’re doing it. I believe in you and know you’re worth it!

Keep thinking Big and living BOLD!

Dr. Kellyann