6 Ways to Make Your Entrepreneurial Dreams Come True

6 Ways to Make Your Entrepreneurial Dreams Come True

Entrepreneurship is my DNA. My father, who was the son of immigrants, worked for years at the local steel mill in our town. One day, the owners offered him a prestigious position as a manager—and he shocked everyone by turning it down, because he wanted to be his own boss.

My father had lots of setbacks—including opening a barber shop right when the Beatles came along and haircuts went out of style!—but he eventually opened a highly successful sporting goods store.

I picked up the entrepreneurial bug from watching him single-handedly pursue his vision, despite the pain and hard work and setbacks. I watched my father do things even when he was scared and it showed me that entrepreneurship is a game that involves risk, and you can’t be averse to that risk because in that risk is opportunity. 

If the entrepreneurial bug has bit you here are six of my best tips to think about before taking the leap.

#1 Want to Work on Yourself? Build a Business.

Building a business is as much of a personal build as it is a brand build. Be prepared to challenge yourself to grow in ways and directions you never knew possible.

#2 Know Who You Are and What You Want.

There are different types of businesses for different types of people. Know what your ultimate goal for the business is before you even begin… Do you want to be able to exit the business? Do you want a small cash pull business? Know before you go.

#3 Aim for Blue Ocean

Don’t waste time looking at what others are doing and how they are finding success. Envision YOUR path to YOUR goal. Seek out the targets no one else has found yet.

#4 Know the Difference Between Good and Bad Debt

Have a solid infrastructure and team (that knows how to utilize every penny) in place before you take on loans or investors, otherwise, all debt will be bad debt.

#5 Cultivate Your Inner Circle

And don't forget to cultivate a close-knit group of peers you can trust. Let them understand what you’re doing, and listen to their advice. Talking things out with people you respect can help you make smart decisions in a high-risk environment.

#6 Don’t Gossip

You become ordinary when you gossip, and you are a standout. Don’t belittle yourself by belittling others.


And, as I always say...

Keep Thinking Big and Living Bold!