Dr. Kellyann's Cleanse and Reset

Dr. Kellyann's Cleanse and Reset

Do you think it’s harder to lose weight as you age?

I do. Because I’ve been there. I know how it feels because I have been in that funk where I felt like every day my waist was getting thicker and my hair was getting thinner. I felt like my eyes were sunken in and my skin was starting to look dull. 

It's not a good feeling, right? 

I’m here to tell you I've been there and I pulled myself out of that tunnel and I want to share with you how I came out the other side happier and healthier. In fact, I’ve managed to slim down and perk up even in my fifties and I look better and have more energy now than I ever did in my forties.

Want to know the key to my life-changing transformation?

As a nutritionist and a doctor specializing in biological medicine with more than twenty years of clinical experience. I’ve helped hundreds of thousands like you lose weight and become healthy, sexy and energetic again. And I’m the go-to doctor for dozens of celebrities when they need that perfect body for the big screen.

Today, I’m going to share with you the most powerful weapon in my weight-loss arsenal based on cutting-edge, scientific research that’s going to turn your life around, and it’s a super simple at-home routine.

In just 5 days this carefree technique:

  • Will rejuvenate you
  • Make you feel lighter 
  • Blast that bloat
  • Start to make your skin glow
  • And increase your energy levels

I can help you begin to feel young and well again for maybe the first time in years.

My motto is “Nutrients In, Toxins Out!” and I am going to show three important toxins you need to get OUT of your diet and three super important nutrients you need to be adding IN to your diet.

The first thing you need to do to get your health and vitality back on track is kick out the depleters--those things that just suck the life right out of you.

Top on my list is the #1 Depleter: Oxidative Stress 

Oxidative stress is an imbalance in your body between free radicals, the toxins, and antioxidants, important nutrients that fight free radicals. If you don’t do something to get those free radicals under control, you are going to age faster.

I have a plan that will effectively target those rotten free radicals to minimize the damage and protect your body from way too much oxidative stress. 

Depleter #2: Rapid Collagen Destruction

Collagen is a structural protein your body makes that holds everything together. Think of it as Mother Nature’s “glue.” In fact, roughly thirty percent of your body’s protein is collagen.

Collagen is the foundation for beauty and youth as it...

  • Keeps your skin tight
  • Keeps your bones and your muscles strong 
  • Keeps your hair and your fingernails from becoming brittle 

After your twenty-fifth birthday, your body’s collagen production control center starts to slow down…and it cranks out less and less collagen every year. One to two percent less to be exact. That means by the time you reach your fifties, you’re going to have 30 to 60 percent less collagen than you did in your teens!

Which explains why your skin starts to get saggy. You get that ugly “cottage cheese” cellulite on your thighs. You get wrinkles and eye bags. Your hair gets brittle, and your fingernails break. You start to look worn out. 

And you know what, that’s just what’s happening on the outside. 

What’s happening on the inside is even worse.

Your bones are getting weaker, your joints are breaking down, and your gut is getting sluggish. Every single day, you’re aging faster and faster. 

This rapid collagen destruction is like putting your body in a time machine, and it’s not going in the right direction, believe me. 

And get this… my number one depleter, oxidative stress, makes the little collagen that your body is producing stiff and less functional. 

So does my third depleter!

Depleter #3: Glycotoxins

We all know that toxins are bad for us. But these glycotoxins are really nasty!

Glycotoxins come from sugar. Basically, if it’s sweet and tasty, it’s probably loaded with glycotoxins. Glycotoxins are also known as advanced glycation end products, or AGEs. They build up in your blood vessels, blocking the flow of your nutrient-rich blood. They’re like the gunk that gets stuck in your shower drain and doesn’t let the water flow out.

And the more these toxins pile up in your body, the more your body will react by creating fat padding around your most vital organs to protect them from this toxic burden. These fat-packing molecules also stiffen your tissues and collagen fibers…  and they flat out irritate all the cells in your body.

So it’s no surprise that studies show that too many AGEs can lead to memory issues, skin problems like wrinkles and age spots, and dangerous blood sugar levels.

So I’m not gonna lie… this depleter was a real challenge for me when I set out to create my fat-burning, energy-boosting, cell-rejuvenating plan.

Not only that, but I had to find a way to combat all three of these depleters in one fell swoop in order to restore the body cell by cell, to push the toxins out, and get the right nutrients in.

I needed a way to cleanse and reset the body from the inside out…

And this is exactly what I created...a Cleanse and Reset that will have you restored cell-by-cell in a matter of days. A cleanse that will knockout those depleters and give your body a chance to repair that “damage of the decades,” and to get back on track… in less than a week.

What I created has helped me and my patients banish the bloat and lose up to eight pounds in just five days. 

And my test group results… WOW!

I put my Cleanse & Reset to the ultimate test with 16 people across the country, and here are the results.

  • Every single participant lost weight… with an average of five pounds and as high as eight pounds!
  • More than 87% got a slimmer waistline, and nearly 20% shrunk by a whole 3 inches!
  • 94% had improved sleep and said that they felt better 
  • 75% reported visibly more radiant skin 
  • And more than 87% said they would definitely do the cleanse again

One of my big-time celebrity patients, actress Penelope Ann Miller, star of the Academy Award-winning film The Artist told me that my 5-day Cleanse & Reset was a real game changer: 

“This Cleanse & Reset is amazing! I got rid of the bloat, cleaned out my system, and boosted my metabolism. I have more energy, and I’m happier than ever. This was the key in preparing me for my latest film. Thank you, thank you Dr. Kellyann!”

It is a real game-changer and here’s why...

I’ve scoured the medical research to find science-backed, groundbreaking nutrients that will do amazing things for your body.

Like a special fiber that grabs onto three times the amount of fat in your gut than the everyday fiber you’ll find at your local grocery store.

And a powerful protein missing from the standard American diet that studies are confirming will give you more energy during the day while also helping you sleep better at night.  

Because it’s just not about taking things away… it’s about adding things in.

Here’s what I always like to say: Nutrients In, Toxins Out!

When you get the right nutrients into your body, your body will naturally kick into high gear to do all the dirty work for you and get those nasty toxins OUT!

So let’s talk about how you can detoxify, nourish and restore your body in just days without all the white knuckling! 

Because you should always pamper your body and not punish it!

My plan is going to help you get my life back just as it helped me get my life back when I suffered from complete burnout that left me passed out on an airplane floor.

It’s going to…

  • Reset you
  • Refresh you
  • Rejuvenate you
  • Restore you
  • Reboot your metabolism, your hormones, and even your mind 

And it’s quick because I needed results immediately and I know you do too. 

I packed every single bit of knowledge I’ve gained over two decades as a weight-loss and anti-aging expert into an easy-breezy whole body reboot that you can do right in the comfort of your own home. 

I’m not kidding when I say the results are incredible. Within days of perfecting my plan, I started feeling like myself again. 

  • I perked up. 
  • I lost the bloat. 
  • I got my energy back.
  • The dark circles under my eyes went away. 
  • The whites of my eyes got brighter. 
  • And best of all, I started feeling happy again. 

Something you should know. My plan works so well because it attacks the three major depleters that rob you of vibrant health and wellness, have you packing on the pounds, forcing your energy to slump and your skin to sag and look dull while providing three key nutrients that restore you inside and out.

The Three Key Nutrients that Makes My Cleanse and Reset Powerful

Check out the most popular juice cleanses and you’ll find that you’ll be drinking 5 to 6 juices a day and they will have as little as 20 grams of sugar per juice and some as much as 50 grams of sugar per juice?

Do the math and you’re looking at 100 to 300 grams of sugar per day! That’s like drinking a soda for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

As I mentioned, sugar makes your cells wonky and it can’t differentiate “natural” or “raw” or “pure” sugar …it’s still sugar and it will still trigger your body to create those nasty toxins… the AGEs… that deplete you and make you look and feel tired, glum and old.

You know what else a juice cleanse is going to do for you? It’s going to make you “skinny fat.” Most people aren’t over fat… they’re under-muscled. Because remember, it’s not all about losing the bad weight… the fat. It’s also important that you hold onto the good weight… the muscle. That’s what’s going to give you that truly lean, sexy, and beautiful figure. And the way to do that is with protein.

So guess what’s missing from your juice cleanse. Yep… protein.

For years now, there’s been a myth that you need to cut protein out for cleansing to work. And that’s absolutely not true! In fact, it’s the opposite.

Cleansing without protein is the reason most juicing regimens fail in the long run and leave you looking haggard, feeling terrible, and worst of all “skinny fat.”

Your body needs the building blocks of protein, amino acids, to build and maintain muscle, absorb nutrients, repair tissue, optimize immune function, and revitalize your cells from head to toe.

There’s one amino acid in particular called glycine that I’m nuts about because it can also help you burn fat like crazy while your lean muscle stays right where you want it, and it’s collagen.

So key ingredient #1 is beautiful, clean, hydrolyzed collagen.

Collagen is absolutely crucial if you want to supercharge your weight loss efforts, soothe your upset stomach, and relieve those achy joints and blast those wrinkles. Collagen is going to immediately begin to work on those lines, those wrinkles, and that nasty cellulite.

And don’t forget, once you hit twenty-five, your body automatically starts that rapid collagen destruction I already warned you about.

And study after study says giving your body the right collagen will hydrate your skin, increase your skin’s collagen supply and actually help you look younger.

Here’s how powerful collagen is when it comes to erasing wrinkles. In one study, women took either a collagen peptide supplement or a placebo for eight weeks. After those two short months, the group taking collagen had an average 20 percent more reduction in eye wrinkles compared to the placebo group. And the maximum reduction was nearly 50 percent!

Beyond beautifying your skin, collagen will also accelerate fat loss, it will heal and strengthen your gut wall, it will give you more energy during the day while also helping you sleep better at night, and it will pull toxins from your body.

Most doctors agree that adding at least 15 grams of collagen into your routine is also gonna help you build that gorgeous muscle. Well, the yummy method that I’ve come up with will flood your body with four times that amount of this prized nutrient. 

And I’ve got another beauty-boosting trick up my sleeve.

Amplify what collagen does for your body with key ingredient #2, healthy fat.

And yes, there is such a thing as healthy fat. And the healthy fat in my cleanse is going to get rid of the other fat. Nourishing your body with the right fat will make you a natural fat burner. And when I say “the right fat” I’m talking about Medium Chain Triglycerides, or MCTs.

By combining collagen with MCT oil powder, you’re going to be a lean, mean, fat-burning machine. MCT oil effortlessly shifts your body’s fuel source to fat, which helps you burn fat faster.

A study published in the International Journal of Obesity really blew my mind, even as a doctor with decades of research under my belt. After just one week, patients who supplemented a low calorie diet with MCT oil lost nearly 20% more fat than those who did not. 

Another even more recent study led by researchers at Columbia University found that women not only burn 45 more calories per day with MCT oil in their diet, but they also eat 63 less calories.

Now that’s more than a 100-calorie swing in your weight-loss favor!

In fact, your body starts running very efficiently on MCT oil. And it eventually becomes so sophisticated that you could be sitting down at your computer and actually be burning fat.

Collagen and MCT oil are the one-two punch that will surely fight off your fat, fine lines and fatigue.

But it’s not enough.

The plan I’m going to get you started on today requires one more really important super nutrient.

Key Ingredient #3 is Fibrous Konjac Root

Fiber is the key to banishing the bloat and curbing your cravings and konjac root is a very special fiber that grabs onto the fat build up in your gut with three times more power than the leading fiber brand at your local grocery store.

Konjac root is a unique fiber, native to the mountains of Eastern China, is one of the most viscous in the world. Now that’s just science talk for sticky and thick. And when it comes to fiber, the thicker, the better. Because it’ll make your waistline thinner.

So it’s very important that you add foods to your diet that cleanse your intestines instead of clogging them up. If there’s even just one tiny blockage in there, your gut’s going to expand. It’s gonna swell up like a balloon and you’re gonna get that annoying bloat that makes it really hard to button those pants.

But fiber is the broom that sweeps out your intestines. Send in the Konjac Root and your entire digestive system will flow like a river… not a sludgy swamp. It literally grabs onto the fat, the sugar and cholesterol in your gut before it gets fully absorbed into your body, cleaning out your GI tract with grace and ease.

You see, this fabulous fiber slows down the entire digestive process... to keep you feeling fuller, longer, to reduce spikes in your blood sugar, and ultimately to promote weight loss in the long term.

So yeah, Konjac Root… it’s pretty powerful stuff!

But here’s where things get really exciting.Because using every bit of knowledge I’ve gained over the past twenty years, I’ve discovered a novel way to merge Konjac Root Fiber, MCT Oil and Collagen.

It’s the triple threat!

My Cleanse & Reset contains all three of these key ingredients and is so gentle that it won’t tear you down, like harsh diets and detoxes do. Instead, it’s going to build you up by saturating your body with the nutrients it needs and scrub your cells clean of toxins. 

And don’t take it just from me.

My esteemed medical colleagues agree… like New York Times bestselling author Dr. David Perlmutter who said:

“This is a top-notch way to deal with the multiple toxic challenges posed by our modern world.”

And world-renowned health leader Dr. Mark Hyman was simply amazed: 

“Dr. Kellyann proves that a cleanse doesn’t need to be harsh to work. This painless plan, centered around delicious foods packed with healing nutrition, gives you big results without stress or starvation.”

You see, it’s not about giving up food…it’s about loading yourself with the right foods. Foods that will promote cellular regeneration to reduce oxidative stress. Foods high in collagen to replenish what’s naturally been depleted over time. And foods extremely low in sugar to save yourself from the dangers of AGEs.

You’re going to absolutely flood your body with what it needs for complete restoration… clean, beautiful foods like collagen smoothies, green drinks, lemon sips and bone broth soup that deep-clean you right down to the cellular level.

At the same time, you’re going to kick those depleters right to the curb.

Now, let’s talk about the easy part. 

Everything you need is in this kit. And all you have to do is add water! You won't have to leave your home or buy a thing. Everything you need for gut-healing, skin-rejuvenating super nutrition is packed into one box… no grocery shopping, no slicing, no dicing, and no real cooking is required.

And I’ve got three options for you to Cleanse & Reset.

Whether you’ve got 5 days, 3 days or even just one day to treat yourself, this plan will detoxify, nourish and restore your body! 

And, I’m going to give you a special, risk-free opportunity to try my Cleanse & Reset to see for yourself how it can perk up your cells and give you that weight loss jumpstart.

You’ll get all the meals and drinks you need to nourish your entire body. So you’ll be on the way to losing weight and slowing down the aging process.

All the ingredients are 100% authentic, clean, natural and non-GMO.

The entire kit is dairy-free, soy-free, gluten-free, and extremely low in sugar thanks to the magnificent all-natural sweetener monk fruit.

It’s also low-carb and paleo-friendly.

And it’s all made right here in the United States in Dallas, Texas with the finest ingredients sourced worldwide.

My Cleanse and Reset is a very simple protocol: 

  • You start your morning with an indulgent green drink smoothie packed with collagen protein to fight fat and tone skin.
  • For lunch, re-energize with a nutrient-rich berry smoothie.
  • In between meals, you’ll drink delicious lemon sips. 
  • In the afternoon, indulge in another decadent green smoothie.
  • Then fill up on delicious bone-broth based lemon chicken soup for dinner. 

After just one day of my Cleanse & Reset, the bloat is gonna vanish into thin air. You’ll be overflowing with vibrant energy. You’ll finally feel well-rested and excited to hop out of bed and start your day.

Normally, the body-beautifying, anti-aging, weight-loss boosting nutrients in my 5-day Cleanse & Reset add up to more than $400.

But I’m thrilled to let you in on something really exclusive here… a special introductory offer for new customers like you. 

In fact, I’m so confident this is going to turn your life around just like it did for me, I want to give you the opportunity to try it for just one day, three days, or five days at a fraction of the price.

Get a 1-Day Cleanse & Reset kit to banish bloat and flush out toxins, with everything you need for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, for just $49 plus $5 shipping and handling.

Considering the average cost for a nutritious takeout meal is about $15, this complete kit packed with 3 full meals, an afternoon snack and thirst-quenching drinks for the entire day, it’s a real deal.

And whether you’ve been struggling to fit into your clothes for awhile, or you just want some extra room in that little black dress for a big event, or had one of those “naughty weekends” where you indulged a bit too much…this is a sure-fire way to refresh, revitalize, reset and restore your entire body in a flash!

Or, get a 3-day Cleanse & Reset kit to shrink your waistline, perfectly nourish your skin, and easily brighten up your mood for just $44 and some change, per day. Plus, when you order a 3-day kit, shipping is free!

Now, since clearing your body of toxins is such an important step towards a healthier, happier life, I encourage all of my patients to start with at least a 3-day cleanse to truly reboot.

And when you order your 3-day cleanse today, you’ll also get free access to my critically-acclaimed, celebrity-backed digital Bone Broth Diet eCourse… a 45 part video series containing interactive online guides, cooking demos, inspirational emails, ebooks and webinars…to keep you on track with the Dr. Kellyann lifestyle like the hundreds of thousands who already joined my squad.

Valued at $97, it’s all free instantly when you purchase the 3-day Cleanse & Reset right now.

But listen, if your goal is to really lose weight fast, then I’m going to be brutally honest with you right now you’ll want to cleanse for five days.

Get the 5-day kit to lose weight, improve your metabolism, support healthier, younger-looking skin, boost mental clarity and elevate your energy levels. 

Order the 5-day cleanse and reset for $219, and you’ll be getting my complete meal replacement program for the low price of just $43 and some change per day plus I’ll cover the shipping costs and throw in my free eCourse gift.

It’s a $500 package for less than half the cost!

And it’s well worth it.

Whatever you choose, all three are sure to jumpstart your weight loss lifestyle, hydrate and nourish your skin, and efficiently detoxify your body. 

This is the tried and true smart, healthy way to get your life back on track. 

There's no better time to show your body the love it deserves than right now.

Try my Cleanse & Reset totally risk-free here.

And then your total health transformation can begin!

Believe in yourself. 

Believe that you can lose the weight. 

Believe that you can get healthy. 

Believe that you can look younger and feel younger. 

Believe that your life can be better… so much better… than it is right now. 

You’ve got this!


Dr. Kellyann


P.S. If you find that this kit is not right for you, give my customer care team a call within 90 days and they’ll quickly provide everything you need for a complete refund. They can be reached toll-free at 888-871-2155.

P.S.S. I do a cleanse at least once a month to take my health to the next level so if you’re looking to do the same sign up for the subscribe and save option, and you’ll save another 10%!