Mindful Treats are Okay Once in a While

Popular doughnuts drew crowds this past weekend.

Yesterday morning I was walking down the boardwalk minding my own business listening to music on my iPhone when I came across a line of people so long, I just had to know what I was missing. When I got closer, I burst into laughter after discovering what this growing crowd was waiting for — donuts!!

I'm not sure if Rihanna could drum up such a crowd!

I asked a woman who was sitting on a bench beside the long line and clinging to a box of these donuts (beside her were her three young, platinum-haired beautiful daughters): "What's all the fuss about these donuts? How long did you wait?"

She told me she waited 30 minutes but that they were "SO worth it!!"  She then handed me one from the box. As she gave me the ultra-fresh pastry, her  4-year-old exclaimed, "Mommy don't you give our donuts away like that!"

I knew this was serious business.


I enjoyed a doughnut this Fourth of July weekend!!

At that very moment, I decided this was going to be a "yes" for me. As I bit into the popular pastry, it was as if everything went into slow motion ... my senses were going into a tailspin. That simple donut was beyond good — it was downright amazing. My 4-year-old friend looked up at my bulging eyes and said with a grin, "See? We told you so!"

My point? It's okay to go "off road," mindfully, on special occasions. But beware, as you are more than likely going to pay for it with a "food hangover," so you have to decide ahead of time if your veer into non-Paleo territory is going to be worth it.

Keep these tips in mind when going non-Paleo:

  • Mindfully choose when to enjoy a treat.
  • Before going on a trip or vacation where you know there will be a lot of food temptations, follow a super squeaky clean diet.
  • Return to the Living Paleo 30-Day Reset when you get back.

Have you ever gone off track? What was it like? What do you "brake for?" Please share!

(donut photo courtesy of freedigitalphotos.net)