Soup's On!

Soup's On!

TaDa! Every Week I’m going to “dish out” a dish from my weekly cooking adventures! I’m rolling up my sleeves and pulling out my Italian!

These recipes just may make you wake up on Sunday mornings saying, “I wonder what Kellyann’s got cookin’ today?”   

You can expect the following from these recipes:

Seriously delicious

Perfectly primal

Sometimes naughty (like the decadent cookie I’m working on now)

Timely tie-ins (Like the Super Bowl goodie I’m working up)

Easy to make

Totally original and fresh

What’s Cooking this Week?

Okay, so I’m on the East Coast and it’s so cold even the dogs wanted hot coffee in their water bowls today. I feel obligated to pay tribute to all of my readers that are feeling the freeze and throw them a solid. Even if you’re in a part of the world that’s toasty, you are still going to love the warm, creamy, full-body decadence of this soup.   

This week I’m going to introduce you to one of those items you’ve likely ogled and wondered about. I’m betting you’ve picked up this item in the market and said, “What in the world is this thing?” It’s called Kabocha squash.

Doc, what the heck is that?

Kabocha squash (pronounced kuh-boh-cha) is a hard, winter squash available from late fall to late spring. It has a brilliant yellow-orange flesh, like a pumpkin's skin. Both the texture and flavor of Kabocha squash is similar to a sweet potato: the soft, moist and fluffy Kabocha is surprisingly sweet and slightly nutty. This squash is a centuries-old variety of Japanese squash, which, in Japan, is often referred to as a Japanese pumpkin.

Ok, Doc. I might have seen it. But where can I for sure find the silly-looking thing?

You can likely find it in organic markets such as Whole Foods, as well as many traditional supermarkets. If you can't find Kabocha squash, then acorn, butternut, or buttercup squash varieties make good substitutes.

Oh, and what’s with the bill of sale on this veggie? Is it good for me or something?

If you have heard me speak or have been reading my blog for a while, then you know why I LOVE squash. It helps fuel your body after a work out and gives you energy when you feel blah and sense that you need more food or something substantial. 

And … Kabocha is a great, 30-Day Reset veggie!

Also, the rich orange flesh indicates Kabocha squash is high in beta-carotene, a powerful health-promoting antioxidant. It's also high in dietary fiber, which, of course, moves food through those 25 feet of intestines.

Here, I present my Apple Kabocha Squash Soup! Spoon up!

Keep thinking big and living bold!

-Dr. Kellyann