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The Best Weight Loss Strategy: Lose Weight Quickly

We’ve all heard that “slow and steady” is the smart way to lose weight, right? But guess what: that’s a myth! Despite popular belief, losing weight quickly is the best way to go. Hands down! And while I’ve been witnessing this in my practice for years, science has also shown this to be true.

The Science...

In a groundbreaking study, researchers found that people who dropped the most pounds in the early days of their diet lost more weight by the six-month mark than slow starters. In fact, researchers found a significant difference in behavior between the fast and slow weight loss groups. Specifically, the fast weight loss group attended many more behavioral classes, took in way less calories, and significantly increased their physical activity. So what gives? This isn’t what we’ve been led to believe.

Well, I don’t know about you, but nothing motivates me more than RESULTS! And that’s exactly what the researchers proposed in the study mentioned above. Fast weight loss is much more motivating. It quickly improves your quality of life as well as your outlook. And this study found that when factors such as physical appearance, perceived health, energy levels, and body image improve during the first four weeks of a weight loss program, better outcomes are more likely in the short and long term.

But wait, doesn’t a quick initial weight loss mean you’re more likely to gain the weight back?

Nope! Not in my patients and not according to science. Because the same study found that participants in the fast weight loss group had a much higher chance of keeping the weight off in the long run. FIVE times more likely to be exact. Crazy, right? Well, it’s not the only study of its kind.

This study also concluded that a faster initial weight loss was associated with better long term maintenance. This study reported similar findings. But, they also noted the importance of making lifestyle changes, such as eating healthier (not just less), managing stress, and becoming more physically active. And I couldn’t agree more!

How to Lose Weight Fast AND Safely

Now some may argue that losing weight fast isn’t safe. And that may be true if you go from eating a 2000 calorie junk food diet to a 1500 calorie junk food diet. Because processed and fast foods contain so little nutrition as it is. Which means you’re not supporting your body with the nutrients it needs to handle the weight loss safely.

You may lose weight, but you may also throw your system out of whack while you’re at it. And that’s NOT what you want! Instead, you want to create a calorie deficit with the help of intermittent fasting and nutrient dense foods. Foods such as bone broth and collagen protein powder. Both are low in calories, but super nourishing and satisfying.

In fact, this is what my new book–The 10 Day Belly Slimdown–is all about. It teaches you how to lose weight FAST and SAFELY. Step by step! And I know from using this approach with countless patients that losing weight fast is a big part of their success.

Here’s a comment I received from a patient whose success story is presented in the book:

"I lost a lot of weight in the first few days...5 pounds in the first 2 days! The quick initial weight loss was very motivating and I know it's what helped me push through the tougher days."

And, the benefits don’t stop there! If you follow the plan, you’ll also learn how to make all of those important lifestyle changes I’ve mentioned above. Which creates the perfect recipe for getting that sexy, slim waistline you’ve always wanted NOW and keeping it FOREVER. So, if you’re ready to make this year YOUR year, don’t miss my new book!

Keep thinking Big and living BOLD!