Defending Paleo (On National TV with a Live Audience)

Defending Paleo (On National TV with a Live Audience)

Just a few days ago, a producer from Bethanny, as in the Bethanny Frankel Show, called to ask me if I’d like to be featured on her show.  Even with a trip to LA planned just a day away from when she called, I jumped at the chance. The more opportunities to spread the word about Paleo, the better! This time, I was to showcase all the  benefits of living a Paleo lifestyle and was to be pitted against  a doctor who didn’t believe in Paleo. Yikes, right?

But no problem. I know the backstory, the inside story, the success story, the you name it story, as it relates to Paleo.

Three days later, a car pulls up in front of my home with a driver ready to chauffeur me to New York. I stayed in a beautiful hotel across from Central Park — a  great spot to get inspired for the show!

Then, just a day later, and voila, I’m standing my ground in front of a live audience. That live audience, incidentally, made the experience all the better.

My take-away?  Whatever you believe to be true … whatever you believe in … stand your ground! Be who you are. Speak up. Make a difference. And never, ever, waiver because of popular vote or general consensus. It’s one sure way  to grow and feel like you are alive. 

P.S. A day or two ago, it was announced that the Bethanny Frankel Show will continue through May. Im sorry to see the show end, and I’m glad I had the opportunity to make an appearance as an expert. Check the show out on March 7th, when I’ll be on. I’ll also post the link here to the recording, in case you miss it.

Keep thinking big and living bold!