What Thunders Through You?

What Thunders Through You?

Life can throw you a lot of curve balls. But if you know what inspires and drives you, and you just show up every day and do you, you’ll eventually hit your home run.

I just finished a wild week. I had a firm goal in mind, but life took some crazy twists and turns—and then an unexpected phone call handed me a fantastic opportunity, right out of the blue.

All of this got me to thinking about how unpredictable life can be. And it got me to thinking about the value of simply hanging in there.

Unless you’re incredibly lucky, you’re going to experience a zillion strike-outs before you start hitting it out of the park. You truly have to understand that you are going to get bruised by life. You must get bruised. The key is to understand that these bruises are a blessing.

My brand strategist is a powerful and magnificent woman who’s built some of the biggest brands and careers in the world. Recently, she told me something incredibly important. She said, “No’s and disappointments are only making room for the greater vision—one that you may not even see yet.”

And she’s right. The longer I live, the more I’m learning that there is beauty in curve balls. That’s why it’s crucial to be fluid and open to whatever comes your way. When you stay in this growth mindset, new opportunities will appear out of nowhere.

Here’s the thing about life. Life is almost never what you expect. One phone call, one chance encounter, one conversation can take you anywhere. People come into your life for a reason and can change your life in ways you can’t always predict at the time.

So my advice for weathering the bruises of life is to be bold. Show up every day doing you. Listen to what thunders through you. Know what moves and inspires you—and then show up for your part of the job.

And don’t let your fear of getting bruised get in your way. Creativity can—and always will—survive failure. When you come undone, remember things come through you, and to you, from a source you can’t always identify. The “no’s” and disappointments that seem unfair just may be for your own protection.

No matter what happens, just keep showing up every day with a diligent devotion to doing you and the job you are put on this earth to do. As my wild week proves, positive energy and sheer grit will pull good things to you… even if they aren’t always the things you’re expecting!

Keep thinking big and living bold!

** Article from HuffPost