Eco-Friendly Easter Eggs

Eco-Friendly Easter Eggs

I remember how much fun it was to dye Easter eggs as a kid. My two brothers, sister and I would always fight for the very last egg, no matter how many we already dyed. Then, after the eggs took on their pretty, fresh coats of color and Easter was over, we’d argue about who had to eat the last egg. We were knee-deep in those eggs all week (no way were my parents going to waste any). It was like a love affair gone bad.

As we got older, we knew better. We dyed the eggs, but we gave each other the "do NOT go overboard" stare. It was decided that whoever painted too many eggs, would have the disenchanting task of eating them as well. 

In honor of all of kids stuck eating all of those leftover Easter eggs – I’ll be sharing some great “what to do with those leftover eggs” recipes after Easter.

This post is dedicated to you and your family this Easter. Click here to find the recipe for eco-friendly Easter eggs. 

Keep thinking big and living bold!

-Dr. Kellyann