Espresso Gelato for Dad

Espresso Gelato for Dad

This brings me to the “Dare To Be Great” stuff. So my Dad was a big Dale Carnegie fan. Reading his books was a part of “paying rent” in our house — something that was expected of you.  My dad was always filtering in these positive messages.

So I guess it was no surprise when he joined “Dare to Be Great,” an inspiration/motivational group in the area that helped members support their dreams. I will never forget going to those meetings with him. He actually truly used the stuff he learned from “Dare to Be Great,” and didn’t lose it three weeks later. He was supercharged with goodness and greatness all the time.

My sister and brothers will all tell you that we sure are fortunate to have had him as our role model.

Thanks to all the dads who have been and are great fathers and great role models, and a special thanks to my “Dare to Be Great” Dad!

Oh, and that steel mill? It folded. 

Caio for now. This Gelato is for you Dad.

Summertime. Espresso. Fathers Day. Gelato. Need I say more?

Keep thinking big and living bold!

-Dr. Kellyann

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