My Favorite Summer Cocktails


If you’ve finished my Bone Broth Diet and you’re on my 80/20 maintenance plan now, here’s great news: Alcohol is back on your “yes” list. (Woohoo!)

And here’s more good news: While you’re sipping your cocktail, you can be treating yourself to a big dose of fat-melting, wrinkle-blasting nutrients. As a result, you can be wicked and virtuous, all at the same time. Sweet, right?
Today, I’m sharing my free new ebook, Dr. Kellyann’s Cocktails: Seven Fun, Fancy, and Flirty Cocktails for your 80/20 Plan. Each of my cool, refreshing drinks contains fat-busting fruits or veggies, along with bone broth or collagen broth to smooth your skin, heal your gut, and take pounds off fast. (If the idea of putting broth in your cocktails sounds strange, trust me: It’s delicious. Try it and see!)
Download my free ebook instantly. Then invite your friends over, and kick off a fantastic summer with an assortment of these refreshing and sinfully delicious drinks. You and your guests can enjoy a party and get a beauty treatment all at the same time. Cheers—and happy summer!
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