Welcome to June—and my Month of Favorite Things!

Welcome to June—and my Month of Favorite Things!

When you live in the northeastern U.S., like I do, you really appreciate the arrival of warm weather. Believe me… a summer swim at the beach beats shoveling snow in January any day! That’s why June, with its blue skies and balmy breezes, is one of my favorite months of the year.

And speaking of favorites, I’m officially declaring June to be my Month of Favorite Things. I’m a great believer in accentuating the positive, so in every blog post this month, I’m going to focus on my personal faves.

I’m starting off this week with an encore of one of my most popular posts ever—a post about my

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And while I’m sharing my favorite things with you, here’s an idea: Every day this month, I’d like you to journal about your favorite things. This is a terrific way to generate positive energy, especially on days when you’re feeling a little down. In your journaling sessions, write about things like these:

  • Your favorite books, and why you love them.
  • Your favorite people, and why they make you happy.
  • Your favorite vacation spots, and what makes them magical.
  • Your favorite teachers, and how they’ve influenced you.
  • Your favorite time of the year, and why you enjoy it the most.
  • Your favorite funny moments in life, and why they made you laugh.

It’s surprising how this little journaling exercise can lift your spirits, banish your negative thoughts, and reduce your stress. In addition, it makes you more grateful for the good things in your life, and gratitude isn’t just good for your soul—it also helps make you healthier.

So all this month, focus your attention on your favorite things. As for me, I’m off to buy a new swimsuit and some sundresses… because I need to get ready for the beach, and one of my very favorite things is shopping!

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