Paleo Weight Loss: Your Gift

Paleo Weight Loss: Your Gift

When Drew, one of my patients, contacted me a while back, he said he was “headed for disaster.” In the world of health, disaster typically means severe illness and often, death. And so, yes, he was headed for disaster.

His wife, Pam, called me and was filled with fear. Drew was in the hospital — she took a moment to call me from the parking lot so she could speak to me privately.

They had been married for 33 years, and during those years, Drew’s health had declined, but only because he let it. He was at least 150 pounds overweight and his blood-sugar levels were sky-rocketing. For those of you who don’t know what that means, it’s that his body was creating an excessive amount of glucose, which circulates in the blood plasma. Chronic levels, like Drew’s, produce serious organ damage.

Drew and Pam raised three wonderful children and all were concerned about Drew. His blood-sugar level was 358 when Pam called me (twice what it should be). Pam, a nurse, thought she might lose her husband. She wanted to support him in any way possible to get those numbers back to normal as naturally as possible.

We don’t’ know exactly how Drew got to that point in his life. But how many of you reading this can relate? I told him, quite simply, Put Real Foods First. And I’d like you to remember those words as you make your resolutions for 2014.

After two weeks on my 30-Day Reset program whereby Drew was doing his damndest to put real foods first, he and Pam were about to give up. Seriously, nothing was happening! Drew hadn't noticed any difference, and Pam was losing her ability to keep him on board. I told them they’d need to stay the course!

Then the magic happened. At about week 3, the fat-burning switch flipped on. Drew started feeling healthy, energized and really focused (no more brain fog). His blood sugar started to regulate and he was losing weight like crazy. It was the "most important 30 days of my life," Drew recalls.

Drew's habits and tastes changed, as did his awareness. He has since regulated his blood sugar and has lost more than 100 pounds. Friends and family say he looks radiant, strong, happy and healthy. For Drew, the 30-Day Reset was life changing.

On this New Year’s Eve, I’m sure Pam is thankful for Drew’s improving health. Health is their reclaimed gift (in fact, she happened to get in shape, too, following Drew’s regimen … and she looks remarkably younger - And I’m betting the two of them are reviewing their new habits and creating even more great practices as they venture into the new year. Are you?

See Pam and Drew below:

Happy New Year - to you and yours.

-Dr. Kellyann