Are You Making the Most of the Gift of Health?

Are You Making the Most of the Gift of Health?

How easy is it to let things get out of hand — in the health department —  whether it’s you or your family members? Another night on the couch of watching a movie and drinking a glass or two of wine with a bag of Tostitos (hey, they’re baked, they’re corn, they won’t hurt, right? And didn’t a report just come out on the health benefits of red wine? How can another glass hurt?). 

Another giving in to your grade-school kids as they whine for a box of Lucky Charms or Cocoa Puffs  in the cereal aisle at the store. And another, “Sure Mom, I’d love to try a piece of your chocolate-cream pie; it’s always fantastic!” And pretty soon, you and yours are heading for some type of health-related disaster.

My gift to you this holiday season is eight words. I share them with my patients and I’ll share them with you: Put Real Foods First — For You and Yours. It’s as simple as that.

During this, the season of gifts, are you thankful for the gift of health or are you working to reclaim the gift?

Many of us had the gift and lost it. And we may be close to losing a lot more, including the ability to enjoy our gift-filled lives (family, friends, joy, etc.).

I ask you to take care of your gift of health like you would a brand-new present under the Christmas tree. Treasure yourself as you do that new car, new pair of boots, that high-end, expensive hair style and color treatment, your boating hobby, etc. 

Once you learn that health is a gift and that you have to treat it with the utmost care, no one can take that knowledge away from you. You will always have the ability to improve your health. This is the gift that can last a loooong time. It's yours for the taking.

Remember, your habits will enhance the gift or destroy it. If you are in a state of dis-ease or have serious health issues that you caused by making bad choices, this dis-ease in your body WILL express itself and your original gift of health will diminish.  Don’t let it.

Health is the ultimate gift. On one of our biggest gift-giving days, ask yourself how you’ve been treating your gift of health?

Merry Christmas to you and yours.

Keep thinking big and living bold!

-Dr. Kellyann

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