How to Develop and Nurture a Positive Self-Image

How to Develop and Nurture a Positive Self-Image

I think we can all agree there is no shortage of wellness information out there. Eat this, not that. Drink this. Sleep. Exercise. Don’t stress. Take this supplement. And also that one.

On and on.

The pieces to living a healthy life are all out there, and I stand by my cleanses, Bone Broth Diet, and 80/20 maintenance plan as much as any other wellness provider stands by their recommendations.

So you can certainly take your pick of programs and lifestyle practices that work for you. But let’s be clear…

None of them will work if your mindset is not in place.

Now, hear me out…

Yes, you can have “all” the pieces in place to reach your best health. The food, supplements, sleep, exercise. All of it.

You can do everything right and still not see the success you want.

Why? Because there’s an emotional component to weight loss and wellness as well as the physical components. After all, we are not just bodies. We are spiritual and energetic beings, and I believe our health and weight are directly related to the environment we’re in.

The hard truth is that you will stay slender and youthful only if you’re in a healthy environment and you have a peaceful state of mind. Full stop. If you’re chronically stressed, sad, angry, or have feelings of unworthiness, you’ll put any lost pounds right back on and you’ll lose that youthful glow you worked so hard to get. 

I believe — and have seen in my practice over and over again — that unhealthy environments cause you to crave fat and sugar (a natural response to stress) and may even create illness. So even though you may experience initial weight loss from my programs or anyone else’s, the way to sustain that weight loss and new, healthy lifestyle, is to figure out what’s causing your stress and how to address it.

Need some help with this? Here are some of my top tips for keeping your environment, self-love, and body and mind healthy.

1. Choose your inner circle wisely

To stay physically and emotionally healthy, you need to surround yourself with people who will be “carriers of your vision.” These are people who understand you and your life goals and will support you and believe in you. They serve as a shield, protecting you and lifting you up. 

Your inner circle should:

  • Really listen to you
  • Leave you feeling energized, not deflated
  • Make you feel better about yourself, not worse
  • Not let you make excuses for indulging in unhealthy habits (this is a big one) 

Your inner circle, however large or small, will help you talk your way out of tough times instead of eating your way through them. They’ll steer you straight — even using “tough love” if need be. And you’d do the same for them.

P.S. There are a bunch of wonderful people just waiting to be part of your extended inner circle in our exclusive, supportive Facebook group, DKA Every Day. Request to join today and hang out with like-minded people who share many of your same goals and who are more than excited about cheering you on. 

2. Have an inner doorman

You’re the CEO of your life and it’s time for you to make your biggest, most important hire: an Inner Doorman.

An inner doorman does exactly what you think: it lets in the people who deserve to be in your inner circle and it keeps out the ones who don’t share your values, or who encourage you to give up rather than stay strong when you’re going through tough times. 

Your inner doorman will keep out the people who make you tired, unhappy, and stressed… and who keep you away from your goals.

3. Break free from bad relationships.

I’m going to ask you something and it might be hard to hear... Are you currently in an unhappy relationship, and trying to decide if it’s worth the effort you’re putting into it?

Here’s how you know: When you look at yourself in the mirror, do you see someone who’s washed out? Is your hair limp and thin? Are you putting on weight? Are there “sad lines” instead of laugh lines around your eyes? If so, this is your body’s way of telling you that you need to escape.

You, my friend, are not meant to be under stress every day. Not even low levels of stress. You are supposed to be stressed if a big dog is chasing you or a car is about to hit you. But the chronic stress you experience in a bad relationship ages you and makes you sick in ways that range from unhealthy blood sugar levels to weight gain to ever-present sadness. You shouldn’t — and can’t — live that way.

Note that I’m not talking strictly about partners here. It could be friends, family members, coworkers… any number of relationships. If your inner doorman would bounce them away, it might be time to consider severing the relationship… or at least keeping it at arm’s length. 

There’s nothing easy about turning away from people who have been part of your world, but if they’re causing you to sacrifice your health and wellness goals, they need to be shown the door. You deserve better.                        

Always remember… it’s not just about the food

What you eat is just part of the story. Your thoughts and respect for yourself are just as important as what’s on your plate. 

So while you’re transforming your body, transform your mindset too. Say goodbye to toxic friends, create an inner circle of people who will lift you higher and higher, and live in your truth rather than living a lie. THIS is what will help you live your healthiest and best life.