Unconventional Ways to Manage Stress

Unconventional Ways to Manage Stress

Stress makes you crave sugar and fat like nobody’s business. Stress makes you fat, bitchy, bald, and overall… a royal pain in the fanny to deal with.

As much as I eat clean, have a strong faith in God, strive to do the right thing, think healthy, and move my body as much as possible, what has the propensity to take me down is stress.

Stress has such a powerful effect that it truncates all the other good stuff.  You can eat well, move well, think well to your heart’s content. But here’s the bottom line: If you’re stressed out, you are an open door for just about every modern-day disease there is – not to mention the fat, bitchy, bald stuff.

Well, I have changed a lot. I’ve learned to deal with stress and I can now handle a full-out schedule without stress as a constant sidekick. Arianna Huffington has been instrumental in helping me to evolve past “wearing my work as a badge,” and I give her a deep nod of gratitude.

I’ve come up with some unconventional ways to head stress off at the pass. If they work for me, I bet they will help you too. I mean, who wants to be fat, bitchy, and bald anyway?  

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 Keep thinking big and living bold!

-Dr. Kellyann