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The Carrier of Your Vision

"Who is the Carrier of Your Vision?"

In the last few weeks, I’ve discovered a big secret to success. 

I am so thankful to now have quite a few celebrity clients. I’ve also been around top executives and renowned thought leaders in the past year. These are people who have made it to the pinnacle—the very top of their game. 

There’s a key element that they all have in common. They have people around them who are “carriers of their vision.” 

I first heard this term from a close friend of mine who is doing so much to help me in life, in every way. She’s helped me though recent rough waters personally as well as helping me to accelerate my career. She wants nothing in return. She smiles as she works her magic. When my eyes fill up and I say to her, “Why are you doing all this for me?” she beams and says, “Girl… I am a carrier of YOUR vision.” 

I’ve said this often: The closer you get when you’re reaching for your dreams, the more sharks enter the tank. It’s really interesting to observe. Here’s how you protect yourself: You surround yourself with people who are “carriers of your vision.” 

These are the people who genuinely want success for you. These are people who understand your vision clearly and will work with you – without jealousy, without comparison, and with a belief in you and what you do. They are like an invisible shield around you, protecting you and lifting you. 

How do you create this in your life? If you are passionate about what you do and understand that whatever your message is, it’s not about you and there is a much, much bigger picture, I guarantee there are people who will be supportive of you, excited for you… and even carry your vision. 

No matter what your vision is – whether it’s to be the best Mom, Dad, team player, cook, doctor, entrepreneur, or student – do what the people who are at the top of the slush pile do. Create that invisible shield of people who carry your vision. 

Right about now, I’m starting to get a vision for Thanksgiving. In fact, I’m thinking cold November Sunday mornings with my kids flipping pancakes. In fact, not just any pancakes, but my special Pumpkin Pancakes… how’s that for a vision? Click here for the recipe. 

Keep thinking big and living bold!

-Dr. Kellyann