Five Kitchen Tips to Dial in Fat Loss

Five Kitchen Tips to Dial in Fat Loss

Want to lose your extra pounds even faster? Then check out these easy “kitchen hacks”!

One thing I know from decades of helping people lose weight is that little changes can make a big difference. And I also know that the more positive changes you make, the bigger your reward on the scale will be! So today, I’m sharing five of my favorite weight loss “hacks.” Here they are.

 Get a pressure cooker.

One of the main reasons why people fall off the wagon when it comes to dieting is that cooking healthy food can take a lot of time. When you come home tired and starving, it’s all too easy to say “the heck with it” and order up Chinese food or pizza.

With a pressure cooker, you won’t have this problem. In just minutes, you can cook meat or poultry—even if it starts out frozen!

If pressure cookers scare you, relax. Modern pressure cookers have tons of safety features to guarantee that you’ll be totally safe.

Ditch rancid, unhealthy fats and replace them with natural fats.
Did you know that so-called “healthy” seed oils like corn and canola oil are heavily processed, bleached, and usually rancid by the time they reach your store? Ick! These oils also have an unhealthy ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 fatty acids.

So toss them, and switch to virgin coconut oil, grassfed ghee (clarified butter), olive oil, avocado oil, and beef tallow. These fats are packed with nutrition, and they’ll actually help you burn fat. In addition, they’ll build the healthy cell walls that give you the gorgeous skin you want.