Lessons form Paris: Sauce Ravigote

Lessons form Paris: Sauce Ravigote

I used to live in London, so I was a quick Eurostar train ride away to France. Needless to say, I took full advantage and spent many a weekend hanging out in the French shops and eateries. I was like a roving reporter tasting, touching, smelling and listening. It was actually through my experiences in France that made me understand cultural nutrition and how much it matters.

France is where I learned how foods are savored and enjoyed in social settings and how down right sexy good clean food can be. The “eat to live” philosophy may be how many of us view good clean eating. I say different. If we pay attention to just one thing (like the French do) we can spend a lot more time living, laughing and getting lost in the rapture of good meals. When you stay in France, you’ll find a very small fridge. In fact, you’ll find a very minimalistic kitchen all-together.

They really don’t need a lot of pantry and storage space, because the French aren’t in the habit of “stocking up.” The French eat fresh, unprocessed foods with minimal ingredients. They believe food quality matters and they have community around them when they eat. Here’s the hitch… they still make incredible meals. Whether it’s French fancy at Le Meurice, or your grabbing a bite at Café Angelina, (my favorite Café across the pond with best hot chocolate worldwide, which I dubbed liquid pudding) you experience great taste and flavor with minimal ingredients.

Seemed everywhere I explored with my backpack and notes, the only heavy people were the tourists. Huh. There’s something to learn from this. Check out the Sunday Morning Bacon recipe, Sauce Ravigote. 

Keep thinking big and living bold!

-Dr. Kellyann


Cafe' Angelina, Paris


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