Simple and Elegant Mother’s Day Brunch

Simple and Elegant Mother’s Day Brunch

Preparing a Mother’s Day Brunch sure sounds like a good idea — execution is an entirely different story. Makes the $25 per head at your favorite restaurant sound like a bargain, right?

I love going out and enjoying a great meal. That’s probably my favorite pastime, in fact! Speaking of that, I just finished watching the entire Anthony Bourdain: Part’s Unknown series with great anticipation.  Anthony explores the world and its indigenous foods. I daydreamed   of exploring the world and different foods as I watched. Becoming intimate with the heritage, history and culture behind the food is one of the best parts about dining. You will never get a “nah” from me when it comes to exploring or venturing into new-tastes territory.

But sometimes, I crave the intimacy of a home cooked meal made for people I love and enjoyed with those people.  They know that you shopped, cooked and will have to deal with unavoidable kitchen duty after the meal. This in and of itself is a true gift.  

Here’s how you can make an intimate, fun and simple-yet-elegant meal doable. First, cook with high-quality fresh ingredients and great herbs and spice blends to bring out flavors.  Beautiful berries and fresh flowers always help create a gorgeous (but simple!) presentation.

Simple, but flavorful — that’s my motto. Less is more, and you sure don’t have to make a lot of dishes — just create a few really awesome ones.

Here’s where the real gift comes into play. Your mom will likely experience the following:

  1. She Becomes Instantly “Coolified”: She will be intrigued by the fact you are creating dairy-free, gluten-free foods. “Really, this is good for me – and won’t make me fat?” This always intrigues people  — they instantly feel “coolified” because they feel like they are a part of some growing movement — a foodie!
  2. She Feels Great:  Mom will be totally stupefied by how much energy she feels after the meal and by the fact that she doesn’t feel like she swallowed a bowing ball after eating. Let’s face it… in most cases, when it comes to typical Mother’s Day brunches, you eat some eggy–cheesy, milky dish, lots of gluten and artificial this-and-that, and top it off with some sugary, high-carb, gluten-filled dessert. The results?  You feel like someone drugged you as your belly manages to pop over your jeans. This WON’T happen with my simple, yet elegant, fare.  
  3. She Gains Instant Bragging Rights: Oh yeah. Mom gets to tell her friends about the ultra-cool meal you made her, and “oh, I can get you the recipe. You won’t believe how good this coffee cake is.”

Here, I present my super easy Mother’s Day brunch. Ham and Asparagus Frittata and Orange, Cranberry & Pecan Coffee Cake. Don’t forget the berries and blooms!

P.S. Hope my sons are reading this … Hey, guys, it’s not too late! And don’t forget next year…

Keep thinking big and living bold!

-Dr. Kellyann