Life After the Cleanse and Reset

Life After the Cleanse and Reset

When you commit to something as life-changing as my five-day Cleanse and Reset, you won’t want to lose those results you worked so hard to achieve. That’s why you always hear me talk about the Cleanse and Reset as a lifestyle change and not just another fad cleanse. I want to make sure you wake up every morning with an abundance of energy, radiant skin, and full of self-confidence. I didn't set out to only spread the word about the fantastic benefits of this five-day cleanse, but to teach others how to change their life habits. So, how do you keep the beautiful skin, energy, healthy body, and slimmed waistline? I call it the Dr. Kellyann’s Lifestyle Plan. Let me share with you how it will help you maintain your restored health.

Meeting Your Ideal Weight

If one of your motivators for committing to the Cleanse and Reset is to lose weight, then you’re on the right track. The five-day cleanse will help slim your tummy by tackling stubborn belly fat. Jumpstarting your cleanse with my “Keto Push” will help you melt away pounds even faster. If you're close to your ideal weight but still need help making it to the finish line, consider the Ten-Day Belly Slimdown or Bone Broth Diet. Once you’ve hit that goal, you’re ready to implement the next phase.

Giving Up the “No” Foods

After spending five days working diligently to cleanse your body, restore your health, and rejuvenate both inside and out, you’ll want to get rid of all those “no” foods that led you on your downhill journey to begin with. Once your five-day cleanse is over, and your goals have been met, be mindful of the foods you return to. The Cleanse and Reset is full of guidelines and the reasons behind each. Don’t lose sight of these lifestyle tidbits. While your low- fat and whole grain choices had seemed healthy and beneficial before your cleanse, don’t forget that they aren't your allies. Obesity and diabetes have been linked to low-fat foods and whole-grain choices. Instead of working towards building a healthy body, you're weakening it and promoting additional illness. 

             Not-So-Great Grains

The misconception surrounding grains causes significant belly fat storage. Yep, that “healthy” whole wheat bun you’ve chosen is comparable to eating a candy bar. Grains turn right into sugar in your body. If you have a habit of eating grains during every meal, you’ll be causing your insulin to continue to spike, telling your body to store belly fat. This belly fat is full of toxic chemicals that lead to additional weight gain and unhealthy cells. 

The Path to More Inflammation

Inflammation puts you on the road to early signs of aging, uncontrolled weight gain, lack of energy, and the risk of countless diseases and illnesses. Grains also contain substances known to cause leaky gut. And as you know, an unhealthy gut leads to nothing good! 

  • Gliadin, a protein in wheat gluten, and wheat germ agglutinin, a protein in whole wheat found in high levels, are linked to the increase of intestinal permeability and the triggering of an immune response. 

Grain: Your Skin’s Enemy

After working so hard to restore your skin’s vibrant glow, diminish lines, dryness, and acne, hold onto it! By sticking to a grain-filled diet, you’re undoing all the good your five-day cleanse brought you. Grains cause inflammation, which we know will promote your acne breakouts. Carbohydrates, in general, are responsible for creating the majority of acne issues. But there’s more! Grains are guilty of causing: 

  •         Psoriasis
  •         Eczema
  •         Rosacea

These are skin concerns that affect many people. But as soon as you give up the grains, your skin troubles will begin to clear up. 

Along with causing issues with your skin, sticking to a regular diet loaded with grains also affects your appetite. Why? Grains cause your brain to become insensitive to leptin. Leptin is the hormone responsible for telling your body when it’s had enough to eat. When grains trigger this insensitivity, you’ll experience cravings and wanting to eat even if you're not really hungry. 

Misleading Health Food

Ready for another shocker? Grains offer a poor source of nutrients. The exceptions are those that are added by the manufacturers adds in. Besides, you can get the nutrients in grains from better sources. Would it surprise you to hear that your body doesn’t even need grains? Think about it. There isn’t a minimum daily requirement listed for them because there hasn’t been any science to show that our bodies need them. Instead, focus on healthy fats. Your body craves them and relies on them to:

  •         Produce hormones
  •         Build cell membranes
  •         Support brain health

Without them, you’ll gain a ton of weight, feel sluggish, irritable, speed up the signs of aging, and feel cloudy-minded. You also deprive your body of ceramides. Ceramides are the fat molecules that sit on the top layer of your skin. These molecules are what make your skin appear soft and hydrated. When you begin to see wrinkles, it’s usually due to missing ceramides.

Fill Up on “Yes” Foods

Instead of sticking to grains, add healthy fats and clean proteins to your routine after your five-day cleanse. You’ve already filled your body with the health benefits of collagen and bone broth, so don’t stop now! You’ll also want to fill up on plenty of non-starchy vegetables and add in small portions of healthy carbs, like fruits. This will help maintain the incredible benefits from the Cleanse and Reset, including:

  •         Strengthening your gut wall
  •         Lowering your insulin levels
  •         Supporting brain health
  •         Keep your skin glowing and hydrated
  •         Rid your body of inflammation
  •         Keep the weight off

 A Lifestyle After the Cleanse and Reset

Have you ever been so obsessed with something that you convince yourself you just have to have it? Many of us fall into this little mind game with food. Don’t get caught up in this trap after your successful five-day cleanse. If you spend all your time thinking about your weight, what you can and can’t eat, or what you want to eat but shouldn't, you'll eventually find yourself indulging. And sometimes you may find yourself over-indulging. When you finish the Cleanse and Reset, my lifestyle plan will help you stay on track. It will teach you to fight off the nagging cravings and urges to binge by allowing you to indulge. You may be wondering how allowing you to eat the foods you love could possibly keep you slim, healthy, and radiant.  It’s all dependent upon following the 80/20 rule. And I’ll show you how:

Make sure eighty percent of your meals are made up of superfoods that will:

  • Load you up on nutrients
  • Ensure your blood sugar stays low
  • Fight inflammation
  • Get your metabolism revved up

Make twenty percent of your meals sensible portions of your desired foods. Enjoying a little ice cream helps keep the cravings at bay.


Why it Works

When you follow the 80/20 plan after your five-day cleanse, you’ll be filling your body with so much nutrition that allowing yourself little pleasures won’t even be cheating! Pretty big win, right? You keep your trimmed down figure, glowing skin, restored health, and also get to eat your cake. It's the exact plan I follow, and I look and feel more amazing than I have in years! I never feel restricted or deprived, and I certainly never go hungry. I'm not limited when I attend events. I still go out to eat and order without guilt. I’ve followed a healthy lifestyle that allows me the best of both worlds.

When you make 80% of your meals about your health and wellness, you set yourself up to easily maintain your cleanse benefits. Just stick to my reliable “yes” foods list, and you'll be set. Don't worry, they're delicious, and there are plenty to choose from! Take a look:

  •       Proteins

Choose from eggs, fish, poultry, organ meats, beef, bone broth, and collagen powder. Proteins provide your body with the amino acids it needs to help cleanse, repair, and rejuvenate your body. To make sure you’re getting the most nutrients and the least toxins, try to stick to buying meats that are free from nitrates and sugars. Pastured meat and eggs are always great choices. Avoid recipes where you can't remove the skin from chicken or the fat from beef — this is where most toxins collect.

  •         Healthy Fats

Including healthy fats in your diet is a must. You can include clarified butter or ghee, olives and olive oil, coconut and coconut oil, avocados and avocado oil, nuts, and seeds. My Cleanse and Reset book will provide you with a detailed list. Don’t cheat yourself out of these fats. Your body will reward you for it.  And do you recall those amazing ceramides I mentioned earlier? Healthy fats are where you’ll be getting them from.

  •         Non- Starchy Vegetables

Get ready to load up your plate. Non-starchy veggies give you all the nutrients and fiber your body requires to stay trim, healthy, and bloat-free.

  •         Starchy Vegetables and Fruits

In small portions, they will provide a little additional boost of energy whenever you need it. Just remember the keyword here is small.

When you’re more aware of your portion sizes, you're able to enjoy the foods you love to splurge on. Just stick to my 80/20 template, and you’ll be on the right path to maintaining the benefits of your five-day cleanse. Take a peek in the mirror and stay focused on the incredible work you did to cleanse and reset your body, and you'll find all the motivation you need!

The 80% Template

After you cleanse and reset, proper portion control is essential to keeping your slim, sexy figure, radiant skin, and healthy body. I’ve outlined the portion guidelines I stick to, so you never have to guess.

  •         Non- Starchy Vegetables

A proper serving of non- starchy veggies should at least be the size of a softball. Take advantage of these fabulous veggies. Fill up on two to three servings. The health benefits are endless and will further extend the results of your five-day cleanse.

  •         Starchy Vegetable

One serving of starchy veggies, including sweet potato, kohlrabi, or winter squash, should equal the size of a baseball for ladies, while men should eat a portion around the size of a softball. But there’s a slight catch. Only eat these starchy veggies when you feel you need an extra spurt of energy. This is perfect for days you’ve implemented a strenuous workout routine.

  •         Fruit Portions

After you cleanse and reset your body, continue eating healthy portions of fruit. One serving size of fruit is about half of an individual piece. So, half an orange or apple is sufficient to maintain your health after you cleanse and reset. For smaller fruits, think in terms of a tennis ball–size serving, or approximately half a cup. This includes your grapes, berries, and tropical fruits. Make sure to spread your servings throughout the day to evenly spread out your sugar intake. You'll also want to limit your fruit servings to around two per day.

  •         Fat Portions

Here are some great guidelines to keep handy:

o   One serving of oil or clarified butter is equal to one tablespoon

o   One serving of olives, seeds, nuts, or coconut flakes is roughly the size of one closed handful

o   One serving of nut butter is equal to one tablespoon

o   One serving of avocado is approximately 1⁄4 to 1⁄2 of the avocado

o   One serving of coconut milk is equal to 1⁄3 cup

o   One serving of almond milk is equivalent to eight ounces

o   One serving of chia seeds is equal to four teaspoons

o   One serving of flaxseed is equal to two tablespoons

o   One serving of hemp seeds is equal to two tablespoons

Maintaining a Healthy, Happy Gut

Ahhh, the key to your body’s health and wellness. I want you to work diligently to keep probiotic and prebiotic foods on your menu. Add them to your meals as often as you can.

  • Probiotics are fermented foods containing healthy bacteria that will reseed your gut. These foods include pickles, sauerkraut, and kimchi. Helpful hint: Purchase these in the refrigerated section. Shelved versions are pasteurized, and the healthy bacteria have been killed off.
  • Prebiotics are the foods that tend to act as fertilizer for your gut bacteria. These foods include onions, leeks, jicama, garlic, and unripe bananas.
  • And just so you know— cocktails are allowed on your 80%  days! Just be sure you’re drinking sensibly and following the guidelines provided in my Cleanse and Reset.

The Not-So-Healthy Health Foods

Wondering why some of your favorite healthy choices foods aren’t in the 80% category? Here’s why:

  •         Dairy

The majority of my patients have come to realize that dairy products are what cause their bloating, blotchy skin, and additional skin concerns. Unless you’re 100% sure your body can handle dairy products, you should avoid them to help keep your incredible cleanse and reset efforts going.  

  •       Soy

Soy foods are deemed healthy, yet most of them are “Frankenfoods” and loaded with garbage you don’t want. They contain substances that may tamper with your thyroid and put you at higher risk for autoimmune thyroid disease.

  •       Seed oils

Oils such as sunflower, corn, and canola are heavily processed and usually rancid when you purchase them. They have insanely high levels of inflammatory omega-6 fatty acids and deficient levels of anti-inflammatory omega-3 fatty acids. Margarine is even worse for your body.

 Just make it a habit to avoid these foods like the plague. And while you’re at it, add artificial sweeteners or additives to that list. The best way to keep those fabulous five-day cleanse benefits is to eat fresh.

And there you have it! My Lifestyle Plan to help you maintain that sexy slimmed body, youthful skin, and energetic health that feels better than ever! Your cleanse and reset shouldn’t be a quick one-and-done fix. Choose to make it a lifestyle change that will continue to provide you with lasting results. Ready to take your five-day cleanse results to the next level? Grab the tools you need today!

Keep thinking Big and living BOLD!