Just Say “NEXT…”

Just Say “NEXT…”

Are you in pain right now? If a breakup, loss, or betrayal has you reeling, I have advice that can turn your life around. It’s all about saying “NEXT….”

I know I’ve asked a lot.

The past two weeks I’ve asked you to approach your 2015 New Year with a different perspective. A different mindset that I know will shift your life and help you lean into whatever junk comes your way. These are mental tips I wish I had learned early in life, but sometimes it’s just not supposed to happen that way, so you can appreciate the lesson.  I can tell you since applying these principles to my life I’ve been able to live bolder and more peaceful.

Discovering to Live in Your Truth, Say “So What” and NEXT…. Are all powerful tools that will help you to evolve to the best version of you and have the life of your dreams.

While you’re hanging out this New Years, you may want to throw together one of my best recipes for just taking it down a notch. Check out my Paleo Pizza – this pizza is different. You wont feel like you swallowed a bowling ball after you eat a slice. You can enjoy and still totally rock your New Years dress. Promise.

Keep thinking big and living bold!

-Dr. Kellyann