Paleo Recipes, made easier Paleo Cookbook for Dummies!

I just had to say yes.

When the folks over at Wiley asked me to spearhead yet another title in their popular media franchise — for Dummies — I couldn't say no. I wanted to say no. After all, the fabulous Melissa Joulwan (you know her … author of the wildly popular Paleo cookbook, Well Fed, and equally popular lifestyle blog, the and I had just finished writing Living Paleo for Dummies.

And if that’s not enough, right off the heels of that project, Wendy Warner MD (the physician whom Dr. Oz calls “the doctor he trusts his family with,” and I just completed Boosting your Immunity for Dummies.

Two back-to-back books is exciting, yes, but  matched with grueling hours of writing, not to mention the epic battle with Microsoft Word. At times I’d look in the mirror and say, “Who’s this shabby girl?” Ok, I’ll come clean. The 24/7 writing schedule I was on pretty much stripped away my zing — nearly every drop. Teasingly, I’d tell others, “Writing health books has been the unhealthiest thing I’ve ever done!”

And yet I simply couldn't resist bringing Paleo Cookbook for Dummies to you because I knew it would be a powerful resource … off the charts in awesomeness!

So, about the book! There are several attributes that make it a stand-out among Paleo cookbooks, including its diverse collection of recipes as well as its wide-ranging list of contributors and their talents. Hey, variety is indeed the spice!

Massive Diversity
You simple cannot go wrong when you have recipes that are diverse, comprehensive and thoughtful. If you are a vegetarian, I’ve got you covered with dishes like Lemon Cucumber Noodles with Cumin (page 229), Zucchini Pasta with Fire-Roasted Tomato Sauce (page 230) and Cocoa Cauliflower (page 221).

If you’re a raw food lover, you’re all set with dishes like Kimchi (page 227), Summertime Watermelon Soup, (page 112) and Cabbage Slaw with Tangy Carrot Dressing (page 171). Are you a fish-eating vegetarian? Then you’re sure to love the chapter on Seafood and Fishmonger Meals, like the Salmon a La’ Afrique du Nord (page 193). Meat lovers rejoice over the cornucopia of meat-centric recipes. Recipes like Mango Coconut Chipotle Chicken (page 260) are at your fingertips.

Here they are — great flavors, cooked in the healthiest and most “Paleo” kind of way. Is there anything better than that?

Top Chefs, Authors and Bloggers
I’m so grateful! When I look at the contributors list I have to say, “Girl … you CRUSHED it with this one!” These contributors are fantastic, unique and so different from one another. Each has a gift to share. Check ‘em out:

Whole9 Stamp! There are a ton of whole9-approved recipes in this book (that’s huge in itself!). The folks at (and authors of NYT Bestseller of It Starts with Food) have set a standard in the industry that when they give it their nod, it means no added sugars (real or artificial), grains, legumes or dairy. It also means all packaged products have ingredients free from soy, additives or preservatives of any kind. This makes it easy to lose weight, crush sugar cravings, heal health conditions and look and feel your best.

All of this and every tip, trick and trap has been addressed (after seeing and learning from patients for years —  you get it down!). There’s even a chapter dedicated to the kiddos.

Can you now see why I couldn't say no to this book? I had a vision from the get-go of bringing to you not only some of my tried-and-true best recipes, but all of my faves from the best chef’s, authors and bloggers out there. And now it’s actually here — woot!

Bottom line: You’re gonna love this book and I’m over-the-top excited to bring it into your life!

Keep thinking big and living bold!

Dr. Kellyann