Paleo Holiday - Vegetarian Style

Paleo Holiday - Vegetarian Style

Is it a total oxymoron to have the word vegetarian and Paleo in the same sentence? Well, some may get persnickety about this, but I definitely do not. Here's why: If you keep in mind exactly what Paleo is, (and is not) you'll gain some perspective:

What Paleo is: A framework of foods. Foods that are the healthiest foods in each food group that we should consume. Simple and clean.

What Paleo is not: A bunch of rules to follow short term with inflexible boundaries. Paleo is also not meant to make eating more confusing or extreme. So, just because someone doesn't eat a cow, should we throw them to the wayside? No way! They deserve to know their framework, and their healthiest options too. Let's start with an awesome vegetarian holiday table:

Keep thinking big and living bold!

Dr. Kellyann