Sparkling water with Dr. Kellyann and Dr. Oz

Sparkling Water and Teatoxing With Dr. Oz

I absolutely enjoyed being on Dr. Oz and talking sparkling water and teatoxing. If you want to know more here’s my take on both sparkling waters and teatoxing.


As a weight-loss and anti-aging expert, I’m a huge fan of sparkling water. Why? Because it fills you up, without adding carbs or calories to your diet. In addition, it keeps your skin hydrated—and hydrated skin is younger, smoother, and softer.

When you choose a sparkling water, be sure to read the label. It should contain NO MORE THAN these three ingredients: water, natural flavors, and (if it’s club soda) sodium bicarbonate.

I love to make my own “Spa Water” using sparkling water. I simply add cucumbers, berries, or lemon or lime slices to sparkling water, and top with a sprig of mint. Voila: instant pampering!

Here are four more fun ways to make sparkling water a part of your diet:

  • Mix it half-and-half with wine to make wine spritzers—half the calories!
  • Use it in scrambled eggs in place of cream or milk.
  • Use it in place of milk in your pancakes—they’ll be lighter, fluffier, AND easier on your waistline.
  • Add it to tea to make a flavorful, bubbly “fizzy tea.”

You can enjoy sparkling water any time, any place. And as my Dr. Oz segment explained, these myths about this healthy drink are flat-out wrong:

  • It’s not In fact, it’ll keep your skin cells hydrated and “bouncy.”
  • It’s not bad for your bones. That’s true for sodas that contain phosphates, which isn’t an ingredient in sparkling water.
  • It’s not loaded with junk. (Just check the labels and make sure your water is the real deal, with no additives.)

Finally, while sparkling water may give you a touch of “seltzer belly,” that tiny bit of bloat can help stave off cravings so you can lose weight more easily. That’s a pretty good trade-off in my book.

So go ahead… get your sparkle on!



Lately, everyone’s into doing a Teatox. This is a fast in which you drink teas infused with veggies, herbs, and spices.

What’s the goal?

To lose weight and get a good “cleanse.” As a naturopathic physician, here’s my take on this trend. First, Teatoxing is a great way to lose weight. I’m big on fasting, because it lowers your insulin levels, raises your levels of body-sculpting HGH, and helps you clean up your cells—and all of this helps you burn fat like crazy. So I’m giving Tea Toxes a big thumbs-up as a weight-loss tool.

Of course, you can get the same benefits from a fast using bone broth—and bone broth will also feed your skin the collagen building blocks that blast your wrinkles.So in my opinion, it wins out over Tea Toxing—because I’d rather lose weight AND look younger!

Now, let’s look at that other claim for Tea Toxing—that it’ll give you a good cleanse.If that’s what you’re after, a Tea Tox isn’t likely to give you the boost you want. It’s true that the extra water you’re drinking will help “flush the pipes,” so to speak—and if your savory tea contains caffeine, that can also aid in getting things moving. However, the very best way to battle constipation is by getting lots of fiber from vegetables. With a Tea Tox, you’re getting some nutrients from veggies, but you’re losing all the fiber. So instead, I recommend loading your plate at every meal with non-starchy vegetables like broccoli, kale, Romaine, and spinach. These will help you stay slim AND regular.

Bottom line: Tea Toxing gets an “A” for weight loss, but whole veggies are a better choice if you want to want to banish constipation.

One final note: if you do a Tea Tox, limit your use of teas containing senna. This is a natural laxative that’s fine in small doses, but not as an everyday drink.

Dr. Kellyann Petrucci on The Dr. Oz Show, Feb 24, 2017 from Kellyann Petrucci on Vimeo.

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