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Ten Ways to Make Fitness FUN

It’s one thing to resolve to get fit, but it’s another thing to actually do it—especially if you’re getting bored with the same old exercise routines. As that enthusiasm you felt on New Year’s Day starts to fade, your workouts may start falling by the wayside. If so, here’s my advice: Get back in the exercise groove by trying something new and different! Here are ten fun ways to make fitness fun again and shake up that workout routine.

Try aerial silk workouts. Love to watch Cirque du Soleil? Then try some of those moves yourself in this new form of “sky dancing” that’s sweeping the country.  Don’t worry, it’s safe… and you’ll get a fabulous core workout.

Do commercial-break “mini-workouts.” Want to watch TV instead of working out? Then try this: Do both! Each night, designate one member of your family as the “coach.” During each commercial break, have that person call out exercises—for instance, squats, jumping jacks, and lunges—for everyone to do during the break. Watch TV for two hours, and you’ll get around half an hour of exercise.

Try geocaching. Love a treasure hunt? If you have a smartphone, go to, create a free account, and start hunting for hidden surprises in your area. It’s a great way to turn walking into a game.

Download fitness apps. These allow you to work out anywhere, and you can customize your routines to meet your needs. Sworkit, PEAR, CycleCast, and PocketYoga are popular, and a friend of mine also recommends AllTrails and 7 Minute Workout. Apps allow you to continually vary your workouts, so there’s something new each day.

Dance, dance, dance! These days, there are loads of videos (many of them free) that can teach you everything from belly dancing to Bollywood moves. It’s great fun, and you’ll work up a real sweat.

“Deal out” your routines with Fitdeck cards. No matter what you’re into—yoga, weightlifting, Pilates, you name it—there’s probably a Fitdeck product to suit your needs. Just put on your favorite music, shuffle the cards, and create a new workout every time. Don’t want to spend money? You can make your own exercise deck using regular playing cards; here’s how singer Carrie Underwood does it.

Opt for the “ten thousand steps a day” plan. Use a tracker or your smartphone to make sure you get in this many steps each day. But here’s a caution: Some studies show that trackers actually cause people to exercise less, because when they hit that 10,000 mark, they stop. Instead, make that your MINIMUM target, and try to exceed it.

Try ballet. People of all ages are taking up ballet or ballet-based barre workouts these days. These are fantastic for your balance and posture, and barre is a great form of exercise if you’re looking for something that’s low impact.

Get adventurous when you walk the dog. Sure, you probably give Fido a walk every day already. But if your pup is up for it, start going on longer and longer walks, exploring parts of the neighborhood you’ve never seen before.

Get back to basics. Hula hoops, jump ropes, beach balls, badminton sets, Twister, horseshoes, and Frisbees aren’t just for kids—they’re fun for grownups, too! Load your family room and back yard with toys like these, and you’ll be amazed at how much exercise you get just having fun. — Boredom can be the death of a fitness routine, so don’t fall into a rut. Instead, each time you find your interest flagging, pick one of these activities or think up other creative ways to move. You’ll have lots of fun as you try each new thing—and it’ll be easy to stick to that New Year’s Day fitness resolution all year long!

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