Paleo Easter Cookie Cut-outs — Dye Free

Paleo Easter Cookie Cut-outs — Dye Free

My brothers got the short end of the stick, being stuffed in suit-like outfits and shiny shoes. My parents, devout Catholics, were serious about Easter and this was their time to proudly parade their four little treasures into church. I didn’t get it then, but I do now.  They must have been extremely proud of their two boys and two girls! My dad worked his tail off to support us and I was lucky to have a Dad who was a big thinker and a true entrepreneur.

Having no seeding or help whatsoever (his parents were Italian immigrants), his power was generated by pure drive and strong values (which he got from his incredible, hardworking, truly good-to-the-core parents).  We never wanted for a thing. My mother had a big job on her hands raising us kids with a husband who just couldn’t be around much, as there is always sacrifice when you are a business owner. Although Dad was around for the big stuff, and always made us feel like he would be there whenever we needed him in seconds, my mom had the lion’s share of raising us kids.

My “Easter bonnet” goes off to Mom, for doing the hardest job in the world — raising four kids who turned into responsible adults. So, these cookies are dedicated to my mom, for every Easter that she chased us around the house so she could get us to sit still while she placed shiny shoes on our feet and pulled back our hair so that it looked good with our Easter bonnets. The pure goodness of these cookies is reminiscent of her! What makes these cookies so pure? There are no food dyes whatsoever!  It’s all about getting color into your baking without chemicals. Also, those gross, sugar- laden frostings that make you cringe — that’s history.  

The frosting you’ll read about here is made from “sugar redefined” — natural sugars, which, in small amounts, are AOK and Easter bunny approved! Click here to make some Paleo Easter cookies.

Keep thinking big and living bold!

-Dr. Kellyann