You Can't Hide From Change

You Can't Hide From Change

Happy Labor Day weekend!

I’m going to step away from tradition this week and keep this post super short. My entire team is on hiatus, and my hope is you are, too!

It’s been a long week. I spent most of my time implementing many new initiatives throughout my businesses, which is not always easy for the team standing on the other side of my vision.

To realize your goals, those on your team must also know what you’re aiming for. Otherwise, miscommunications happen, and everyone becomes frustrated. But change brings about interesting parts of people's personalities — myself included. Some thrive, and others feel completely disjointed. Nevertheless, constant growth is a must. Evolving is a must. You can’t avoid future trends, nor can you hide from them. That said, you have to check the pulse and adapt. This, of course, means change.

I want to acknowledge everyone that works so hard and passionately for me every day. My team often works long hours  — and many weekends  — to make a difference. Thank you. I couldn’t do it without you!

It's great to have a second family!

A special thanks to my business partner, Jennifer.  She, her husband and beautiful kiddos welcome me into their home whenever I’m in Michigan. Her family is like my second family and I appreciate the love (and the boat rides, cookouts and home-made coconut ice cream, too!).

This “Sweet Heat Shrimp” recipe was created with easy, light, lazy nights in Upper Long Lake, Michigan in mind.

If you like the taste of sweetness with a change-up, bold jolt of jalapeno, you’ll love this shrimp, tucked in a "bib" of lettuce. Just as you think you're savoring one flavor, another comes onto the scene! Enjoy!

 Keep thinking big and living bold!

-Dr. Kellyann