The 1-Day Cleanse Your Body is Begging For

The 1-Day Cleanse Your Body is Begging For

Let’s say you had a reeeeaallly long weekend, stayed out too late, and had a bit too much fun. And maybe you ate way too much food (but that second helping of parmesan gnocchi was just calling your name … I heard it, too).

But today you’re feeling exhausted, weighed-down, and a million pounds overweight.

You just want a quick and simple way to flush out all those toxins from your system, and get rid of those dark, puffy rings under your eyes, and alleviate that bloated belly — ASAP!

You hope and pray for some simple magical cure so you can just feel like yourself again before work tomorrow.


Go From Tired to Revitalized in One Day

Yes, I’ve been there, too. That’s why I developed my 1-Day Cleanse & Reset. Because a lot of us just don’t have the time in our busy schedules to devote days or an entire week to cleansing — especially with kids, work, or just life in general.

But the sad irony is, the busier we get the more we desperately need to refresh, revitalize, reset, and restore ourselves. Daily stress can wreak havoc on your health, your immune system, your brain, your waistline — even your skin.

You need to flush out those nasty toxins, stimulate your cells, and return that healthy glow back to your beautiful face.

My new 1-Day Cleanse & Reset comes with everything you need for your super-easy, super-tasty, supercharged one-day reset — an energizing Super Green Smoothie for breakfast, a delicious Super Berry Smoothie for lunch, a second Super Green Smoothie for the midday munchies, and a savory bowl of Lemon Chicken Soup for dinner. Plus, you also get three antioxidant-rich Lemon Sips to enjoy throughout the day.

Everything in my cleanse is all-natural and packed with beauty-boosting nutrients, fat-fighting superfoods, restorative vitamins, and muscle-repairing proteins.

There’s no shopping, prepping, or cooking required — everything you need for the whole day is included.


It’s the Easiest Anytime-Anywhere Cleanse

My 1-Day Cleanse & Reset is so simple and stress-free, you can:

  • Cleanse whenever and wherever you like
  • Take it with you on vacations and trips
  • Make it your new Sunday ritual
  • Use it if you’re starting to feel sick or worn down
  • Take it the day before a big event to look your very best

One day is all it takes to give your mind and body the revitalizing jumpstart they both desperately need.

It’s time to stop saying, “I’ll do a cleanse one day,” and time to start saying, “I’ll do a cleanse in one day.”

Have you tried my 1-Day Cleanse & Reset yet? When is your favorite day to revitalize? Email me at and let me know. I’d love to hear about it.

Stay healthy and live the best life you can,

Dr. Kellyann


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