Ready to Lose Up to 3 Pounds in 3 Days? Try My 3-Day Cleanse!

Ready to Lose Up to 3 Pounds in 3 Days? Try My 3-Day Cleanse!

Has this ever happened to you?

You pass by a mirror, and you’re startled by your own reflection.

Or you see yourself in a photo someone posted online … and you barely recognize yourself.

Who is that, you ask? What happened to that happy, beautiful person I used to be? What’s the deal with my chins? Where did those dark rings under my eyes come from? Can a person really look that tired and still be alive?

Don’t worry, it happens to everyone — male, female, young, old, thin, heavy. It happened to me, too. My big crash-and-burn moment happened when I passed out on the floor of an airplane mid-flight. My body had just given out. Years of stress and work and rushed meals had finally caught up with me. That’s when I knew I had to change the way I treated my body.

The not-so-funny part is, I’m a naturopathic physician and nutritional consultant. I teach people how to live and eat healthily for a living. I wasn’t taking my own advice, and I was ignoring the signs my body was sending me.


I Wanted a Quick and Easy Cleanse for People Like Me

Right then and there was when I decided to create my own super-simple cleanse program — a cleanse that would detoxify every cell in my body, flood my system with vitamins and nutrients, and help me lose some of that extra weight I’ve been carrying around.

But I also wanted my cleanse to be simple to do.

And I wanted everything to taste delicious. I didn’t want to feel like I was starving myself to death or I knew I’d give up.

And I wanted my cleanse to be powerful enough to accomplish all that in just one weekend. I wanted to see and feel real results in just three days.


So I Created My 3-Day Cleanse & Reset

This is a different kind of cleanse than you’re probably used to. My Cleanse & Reset isn’t about taking away the things you love to eat. It’s about nourishing your body with the right types of foods and nutrients. It’s not designed to tear your body down, but to build you up.

Every ingredient inside is packed with beauty-boosting nutrients, fat-fighting superfoods, restorative vitamins, and lean-muscle-building proteins.

My 3-Day Cleanse & Reset actually heals your cells while satisfying your hunger cravings. Unlike a lot of other cleanses I’ve tried, mine nourishes your whole body WHILE helping you lose weight.

Just three days on my Cleanse & Reset can help:

  • Firm and tone your skin
  • Shrink belly fat and reduce bloating
  • Reduce those dark circles under your eyes
  • Bring back the luster and shine of hair and nails
  • Gently cleanse your cells of toxins
  • Boost your immune system and energy
  • Nourish the gut wall and improve digestive health

One of the best parts is that there’s no shopping, prepping, or cooking required. My kit comes with everything you need for all three days — the only thing you need to do is add water.


I’ll Take You Through a Day of My Cleanse

Start your morning with an energizing Super Green Smoothie and a refreshing Lemon Sip drink. For lunch, enjoy a delicious Super Berry Smoothie and a second Lemon Sip. Midday munchies? No problem, you’ve got another Super Green Smoothie to tide you over until dinner, then a savory bowl of Lemon Chicken Soup paired with a third Lemon Sip are on the menu.

Doesn’t sound too difficult at all, does it?


Three Days to a Whole New You

In just three days, you can look and feel better than you have in ages. I think you might even enjoy how easy it’ll be to shed a few pounds and rid your body of all those wrinkle-forming, belly-bloating toxins.

And because every ingredient in my kit is actually good for you, you can repeat my cleanse as many times as you like — whenever you’re feeling exhausted, weighed-down, or overweight.

Ready to get your health back on track? One weekend is all you need with my 3-Day Cleanse & Reset! [link to product page or checkout page]

Here’s to living the best life you can,

Dr. Kellyann
Stress-free and easy way to cleanse and reset