The Truth About Bloating

The Truth About Bloating

Bloating. It’s that awful feeling of a swollen tummy, backed up gut, and discomfort that makes you want to crawl back into bed. But why now? You’ve decided to lead a healthier lifestyle. You’ve started your cleanse, yet you’re left with this feeling of dread rather than joy. So, where did you go wrong? The good news is, you didn’t. Unfortunately, bloating can be a very normal and natural part of the cleanse and reset process. So, pat yourself on the back for taking this step in your health journey and get ready for a crash course in bloating.

The Good, the Bad, and the Bloating

If it’s your first cleanse, you may be feeling a bit frustrated with a side of puffiness. How could making a healthy lifestyle decision leave you with such a gassy, sluggish, and sometimes painful feeling? You may be a bit surprised to hear the answer. Your recent, and possibly sudden, change in diet could be the culprit. While fruits and veggies are the way to a healthier you, increasing your intake of these nutritious foods can sometimes lead to bloating. Just as your taste buds may need time to adjust to their new array of foods, your digestive system may need a few days of adjusting as well. A sudden influx of greens, for example, can cause somewhat of a shock to your system. The added fiber you are ingesting can lead to the added gas and bloating you’re experiencing.

You may also want to look at your fat to fruit ratio, as well as the order you are eating them in. You’re scratching your head right now, aren’t you? Let me explain. Fruit digests more quickly than fat. When you fill your stomach with a high-fat snack or meal, especially followed by fruit, it causes a bit of a traffic jam in your intestines. While fats wait in line to be digested, the fruit is now sitting there; fermenting. And now we’ve created an unhappy gut. Your body’s reaction? Bloating.

Banishing the Bloat

So, what can you do to get rid of that unwelcomed balloon in your belly?

  • Decrease your intake of fruits and vegetables temporarily. This will give your system time to adjust to your new cleanse, as well as your new menu.
  • Cut back on any fiber supplements you may be taking. Chances are, you’re getting a pretty good amount of fiber at the moment, so start off small and gradually increase.
  • Begin to work your way back up to your desired level of fruits and veggies. Giving your system time to adjust should help cut down on those not-so-pleasant symptoms of bloating you’ve been experiencing.
  • If you notice the feeling of bursting at your seems tends to appear after eating certain foods, experiment a bit:
    • Eat or drink a smaller portion at a time.
    • Try a mix of different foods, in your green smoothies for instance, to narrow down which of them may be causing your gut’s unhappiness.
    • Limit your fat intake. Yes, that includes healthy fats.
    • Give your system plenty of time to digest one snack before mixing in another; like your green drinks followed by a bowl of fruit.

Five-Day Cleanse and Reset to the Rescue

As with all gut-related issues, when your gut is unhappy, it remains inflamed and slows your metabolism. The rest of your body isn’t getting the full amounts of nutrients needed to cleanse and reset.  To help get your system running smoothly again, I’ve created a five-day cleanse and reset plan that will  kick those unwelcomed feelings of discomfort to the curb. You’ll melt away stubborn belly fat, brighten and tone your skin, and rid your system of those toxins that have kept you feeling sluggish and blue. With my help, you’ll replenish your body with every major nutrient crucial to restoring your health. I’ve even provided the tools and recipes to make this the easiest five-day cleanse and reset possible. 

Be sure to take note of any stubborn symptoms with particular foods. You may actually have a sensitivity to some foods you weren’t aware of, causing you to bloat. Some have even found they have fructose malabsorption; a rare but unpleasant condition. Take this time to really get to know your body and how it responds to various foods. It will make your cleanse a much more enjoyable experience! 

Ready to get rid of the bloat and restore your body to its happy, healthy state? Learn how to jump-start your transformation with my new Cleanse and Reset book today!

Keep thinking Big and living BOLD!