Valentine’s Day … Paleo Style for the Kiddos!

Valentine’s Day … Paleo Style for the Kiddos!

When I see a kid bite into a mainstream candy bar, my thought bubble gets filled with phrases like, “‘Oh man, I hope he doesn’t get a stomach ache”; or, “Yikes, sugar high and then crash shortly. Oh, if Mom and Dad only knew!”

But I’m the last one to hold back on Valentine’s Day when it comes to sweets, and I believe kids should indeed indulge in treats now and then, especially on Feb. 14!

Luckily, there are lots of great recipes available for primal treats that won’t send your kid into the firm grip of the Sugar Demon. He (our “buddy,” the Sugar Demon) is out and about this week, as Valentine’s Day is one of his favorite times of the year! But have no fear, my “Chocolate Sweet Balls” are not only a family favorite, but are relatively healthy and still satisfy the sweet tooth!

They have the most enjoyable texture, and a smooth after taste. There is nothing not to like about these — they’re that good! Almond butter, cacao powder, chocolate chips and other yummy ingredients together create quite a taste fest!

Right after these babies are rolled out and doused in pure goodness, it’s like a neighborhood cattle call. You set these round delectables out and it’s stampede, call-of-the-wild time. Click here to get rollin’. And then stand back!


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