Frogman An American Hero

Frogman An American Hero

This post is for “Frogman,” an American hero and one of my best buddies. Here’s why I love him.

One of my closest friends, Bill, is a Navy SEAL whom I call "Frogman." Like my big brother, we are longtime friends and often laugh about the fact that he's kind of the male version of me (we even call each other our "twin.") Everyone can use a friend like Frogman. After all, it's pretty nice to have your own secret service, having your back whenever, wherever.

One thing I can tell you beyond a doubt ‹when the stuff hits the fan, you want him on the wall. When my first book was published, I sent it to "Frogman Bill" and his beautiful wife, Julie. Bill being Bill, didn¹t just read the book, he devoured it, and got TOTALLY into it. He researched everything that existed about Paleo, drove me nuts with questions and lived the lifestyle completely and thoroughly. Bill is ALL-IN no matter what he does.

"Frogman" lives in Virginia Beach (East Coast SEAL heaven for the even numbered SEAL teams the odd numbered SEALS live on the West Coast) and spends his time not only defending our country, but doing everything he can in his "Bill-like way" to help transform as many people as he can to a healthier lifestyle.

This weekend he's holding a Memorial Day Murph event with the Virginia CrossFit community (A Murph event is in honor of Michael P. Murphy, a SEAL who died in Afghanistan protecting his country and his men in a fierce gun battle). Frogman's goal is to grow awareness and make his event an annual destination to support a host of groups that are helping vets, especially Team guys and SOF operators.

Keep thinking big and living bold!

Dr. Kellyann