Boosting Immunity

Boosting Immunity

Everything rises and falls on your immune system. When your immune system is robust, you avoid the pitfalls of disease, and your body expresses vitality and health. Your immune system is your shield - your most powerful protector.

The secret to success is discovering practical tools and strategies to strengthen your immune system, so it keeps you healthy, lean, strong, and ageless.

The immune system is made up of cells, organs, and tissues that work together to protect the body from viruses and infection. The strength of your immune system is determined by more than genetics. The germs you met up with over your life impacts your immunity. As well as stress, sleep, diet, and exercise all are essential components of your immune system.

Do you want the good news? 

Research shows that you can make a difference in protecting yourself from illness. What you eat and how your life strengthens your body’s most excellent defense, your immune system.

Resources to Keep Your Immune System in Tip-Top Shape

Food is medicine, eating to boost your immunity with a balanced diet


In March 2020, I was fortunate to sit down with the Good Day LA team to chat about how to boost your immunity by what you do and don’t put into your body. 

5 ways to decrease and thin mucus production for respiratory infections

Decrease Mucus 

Mucus plays a vital role in your immune and respiratory systems because it coats the inner surfaces of your body like a protective blanket. To do this job, this mucus has to be the right consistency. Otherwise, it can hinder your ability to fight off the germ. A natural mucolytic diet can help decrease and thin mucus and keep your respiratory health in check. Check out my article on a natural mucolytic diet as well as my recommended Natural Mucolytic Protocol. Read More about the Natural Mucolytic Protocol

Heal Your Gut for Rock-Solid Immunity

Your gut houses 70 percent of the cells that make up your immune system. So that means that a rock-solid gut is critical to staying healthy and fighting off sickness and disease. Your gut is responsible for breaking down food, absorbing nutrients, keeping out toxins and producing nutrients. Your gut health literally affects your entire body...from immunity and detoxification to nourishment.

If you want to stay healthy, start with your gut and make sure and start adding my top superfood to your diet! Read about Bone Broth for Gut Health

How to Make Bone Broth the Easy Way

Never made bone broth? No worries! Cooking up a pot of bone broth does not have to be complicated. And even the simplest bone broth tastes just as good as the gourmet versions. So today, I’m sharing my “Back to Basics” bone broth recipe, along with some simple tricks that will guarantee that your broth is a success. Get the Recipe

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Will Supplements Improve my Immunity?

I travel so much and let me tell you airports are filthy and the best place to go if you want to get sick. I do practice what I preach and one of the benefits of a healthy lifestyle is that my immune defense system is strong, keeping viruses and germs at bay. I want to give you some of my secrets to remaining healthy when I know I need an extra boost. Read: 7 Powerful Immune Boosting Supplements

How to Stress Less to Increase Immunity

  1. Laugh More

    Did you know laughing lowers stress levels and improves immunity? It’s true! This is an older blog but still relatable. Read: 5 Reasons to Laugh More

  2. Meditate

    Meditation is an ancient practice that has become more popular in recent years. In order to decrease the stress, you need to increase your sense of awareness of yourself and what surrounds you. It is essential to stress relief which can also reduce inflammation. Are you curious about how to get started? Check Out Our Meditation 101 Guide

  3. Recover From Burnout

    Wait, are you saying Dr. Kellyann, these tips are great. But, I think I’m at burnout. Trust me, I know I’ve been there. Here are a few tips to help. Tips to Recover from Burnout

    1. Exercise to Increase Immunity

      Moderate activity several times a week is all you need not only to improve your fitness level but to also defend you against viruses and infections. Exercise helps clean the bacteria out of your lungs. Exercise also decreases your body’s stress hormones, such as adrenaline and cortisol. At this point in time in April 2020 when we are producing this page, gyms and fitness studios are closed. So, now what can you do? Best Tips for Exercising at Home