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Quick Grocery Shopping List For Your Cleanse

Your commitment to a cleanse is a massive step towards caring for your health. I’m a firm believer in sharing the knowledge that will help make this journey as simple as possible for you. Besides, if you're set up for success from the get-go, there's no reason why you can't quickly achieve your cleansing goals. All the undeniable health, wellness, and beauty benefits of a rapid reset start with your preparation; the grocery list.


A Cleanse Made Easy

I want you to be successful with your rapid reset, so I’ve taken all the guesswork out of the equation for you. You’ll find page after page of yummy recipes for soups, smoothies, and shakes in my Dr. Kellyann Cleanse and Reset. Your food shopping will be a breeze when you select all your recipes for your 5-day rapid reset in advance. You’ll also have access to a very detailed list of “yes” and “no” foods, so you’ll know exactly which extra items you can toss into your meals. If you're not sure you'll find the time to browse through the fantastic selections I’ve provided, I’ve got you covered there too! I’ve outlined a 5-day Dr. Kellyann Cleanse Meal Plan for you to follow. It lists every item you’ll need to grab and exactly how much you’ll need to get you through your five days. Either way, you’ll be able to jot down your list of needs and knock it all out in one shopping trip. It’s just THAT simple.


Shopping Tip:

Before you head out, I do want to mention that you want to be picky about the collagen or protein powder you buy. Be sure to choose a high-quality brand made from pastured beef. Many people are allergic to whey and don’t realize it. Opt for beef unless you're explicitly following my vegetarian or vegan modification cleanse, in which case you’ll use pea powder. Pea powder is higher in carbs and not as nutrient-dense. Read each label carefully to ensure you're choosing the option that best suits your dietary needs. Want a more convenient option? Order one of my fabulous powders, so you know you're getting the highest quality during your rapid reset:


             Dr. Kellyann’s Collagen Shakes

             Dr. Kellyann’s Bone Broth Protein

             Dr. Kellyann’s Flavorless Collagen Protein


Your Daily Meal Schedule

During the 5-day Dr. Kellyann Cleanse, you’ll want to follow this super easy routine to help keep you on track:


When You Wake

The Dr. Kellyann Cleanse will start your morning the right way. Keep plenty of lemons around and start every day with a cup of hot or cold lemon water. Feel free to add mint, basil, or other herbs you enjoy. Lemons provide the necessary dose of vitamin C to help heal your gut and produce collagen to improve your skin’s firmness. Easy, right?


Powerhouse Breakfast

Follow your lemon water with a green smoothie, packed full of essential nutrients. You’ll load up on greens that provide you with a boost of energy. Add in a mixture of:

o   Healthy fats

o   Bone broth or collagen

o   Fruit

o   Starchy and non-starchy veggies



For lunch, prepare yourself a delicious collagen-packed shake. Your shakes will fill you with incredibly beneficial ingredients, including:


o   Coconut milk or almond milk – but make sure to grab the unsweetened milk

o   Fruit or starchy vegetables

o   Leafy greens

o   Bone broth protein powder or collagen powder


            Smoothie Snack

          Plan to refuel around midafternoon with another tasty green smoothie.             

          Collagen and plant nutrients will keep your body thriving.


         Delicious Broth for Dinner

         You’ll end your day with a warm, satisfying bowl of cleansing broth and veggies

         that will restore and rejuvenate! You can load up on:


o   One to two cups of broth

o   Healthy fats, such as avocado or full-fat coconut milk

o   All the non-starchy veggies you desire

o   A serving of starchy veggies



Coconut Milk in a Nutshell

You’re going to notice that some of my recipes call for different types of coconut milk, so I want to clear up the confusion before you head out to the store.


Uncanned coconut milk appears in recipes as a base liquid. It’s a thin liquid and contains little fat. It won't count as fat during your cleanse, so feel free to use it as the liquid base for your shakes too. If you buy this type of coconut milk, make sure it doesn’t contain any added sugars or carrageenan, a highly inflammatory additive.


Canned coconut milk is a healthy fat and is closer to the consistency of whipping cream. It’s called for in several of my soup recipes, and you can add 1⁄3 cup to your shakes as well. You will need to count this towards your fat intake, however. That’s also why you’ll notice some shake recipes have two types of coconut milk: noncanned coconut milk as your base and canned coconut milk as your fat. When you grab it, choose fullfat rather than lowfat. Trust me, not only does it taste better, but it's also actually better for you. I also recommend a BPAfree can.


“Yes” Fruits, Veggies and Fats

In addition to the tasty and powerful fruits and veggies you’ll find in some of my favorite recipes, here is a list of others you can eat during the Dr. Kellyann Cleanse:


             Unlimited Leafy Greens and Non-Starchy Vegetables:

             Bok Choy



             Bell Peppers

             Summer squash




             Green beans


   Limited Fruits and Starchy Vegetables - One Serving (or Avoided if Keto-





             Celery root

             Spaghetti squash

             Butternut squash


             Healthy Fats


             Olive oil


             Almond butter

             Chia seeds

             Ground flaxseed

             Hemp seeds


“Free Foods” to Add to Your List

There are a few items you may be happy to know you can toss on your grocery list. These are safe to indulge on throughout your rapid reset. Help yourself to unsweetened tea or coffee to satisfy your needs. You can also whip up various batches of detox water using a few handy recipes I share in the Dr. Kellyann Cleanse plan.


Foods to Keep on Hand

During any cleanse, experiencing temporary bloating is normal. When you make changes to your diet, you change your gut’s ecosystem. These bloatfighting foods can be added into your recipes to help battle the discomforts of bloating:


o   Asparagus

o   Lemon

o   Avocado

o   Green tea

o   Cayenne pepper

o   Celery

o   Cucumbers

o   Ginger


There’s nothing like an easy trip to the grocery store, am I right? You’ll be armed with everything you need on your list. It's practically like having a personal shopper to get you geared up for your big rapid reset! Just stick to your shopping list, and you'll be home and batch prepping in no time!


Happy shopping!

Keep thinking Big and living BOLD!