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How Often Should You Cleanse or Detox Your Body?

Committing to a cleanse offers remarkable benefits for your health. Taking steps to rid your body of toxins will help you restore both your physical and mental health, typically in a matter of days. Feeling refreshed and cleansed inside and out will encourage you to continue on your healthy lifestyle journey. So, is it safe to repeat a cleanse and how often should you repeat your cleanse and reset?

A Gentle Five-Day Cleanse

While most cleanses tend to leave you feeling low on energy, hungry, and irritable, my five-day cleanse was designed to be gentle on your body, while fueling it with foods necessary to provide you with energy and a satisfied tummy. My cleanse and reset will fill you with clean protein; a much-needed macronutrient. You'll consume these macronutrients through delicious bone broth and collagen recipes, provided for you in my Cleanse and Reset book. By sticking to soups and smoothies, you are still giving your gut the time off it needs to heal from digesting solids. There won’t be any harsh treatment in this cleanse. Your body will be nurtured and pampered back to health, making this a safe cleanse to repeat. 

The Myth of Clean Protein

There has long since been a myth that protein has no place in a cleanse for it to work. But think about it - without the help of protein, a cleanse consisting of simple liquids or juices will leave your body feeling run down and looking worn and unhealthy. Why would anyone want to put their body through that, let alone consider repeating a cleanse that made them look and feel horrible? Clean protein provides your body with the amino acids it needs to help restore your health. It helps your body feel refreshed and energized during a cleanse. Your clean protein sources are coming from liquid forms, so you're still allowing your gut the time it needs to heal. Along with the many added benefits of bone broth and collagen, the amino acids in my gentle cleanse and reset work hard to repair and heal your gut, cells, immune system, and more. They also leave you with the benefit of satisfying your cravings.

Can I Cleanse Again?

There isn’t a clear-cut answer for this one. What you may want to consider asking instead is if it’s safe to repeat the cleanse you have chosen. How did you feel during the cleanse? How did you feel afterward, and did you see the results you were hoping for? We know that most cleanses tend to tear down your body; leaving you feeling hungry, sluggish, and just plain crabby. The drastic reduction in calories, carbs, and proteins doesn’t leave your body with much to run off of. More often than not, the pounds you're losing from these cleanses stem from your body being thrown into starvation and survival mode; so, the weight is bound to come right back. You’re likely restricting your body from many essential vitamins and nutrients; replacing them with sugary drinks and empty calories. Repeating cleanses that deplete your body isn’t the healthiest decision. A cleanse worth repeating should boost your energy, spirits, and strength — both during and after. It should heal your body and detox your cells, making you feel nothing less than your best.

Cleanse and Reset. Repeat.

My cleanse and reset provides what others simply do not. It’s a gentle cleanse that offers so many incredible benefits. Your body will love you for repeating the process. You can certainly revisit the five-day cleanse as often as once a month. If you tend to battle bloating, or seem to be running low on energy often, once a month may be an optimal routine for you. It allows your gut the extra healing time it may require. You'll also benefit from the monthly flush of toxins during this five-day cleanse. Your skin will repair quickly and regain its youthful glow. Your hair and nails will be restored to their strong, healthy state. This cleanse is perfectly safe and ensures your body continues to get the essential nutrients it needs to thrive.

I recommend cleansing at least every quarter. Once every three to four months is a sufficient plan and is the routine I have developed for myself and many of my patients. With a quarterly five-day cleanse, my body has been able to maintain the weight loss while resetting my systems on a consistent, dependable schedule. There are many benefits to setting up a regular quarterly cleanse: 

  • It provides the extra boost your body may need after a few months of being weighed down by the toxins you are exposed to daily.
  • It gives your gut a chance to rest and take a well-deserved break from digesting solids. Consistent intervals provide a routine your body can count on.
  • It fights inflammation that may have begun to build up in your body again.

What Makes the Five-Day Cleanse Healthy and Safe?

My cleanse encourages you to enjoy not one cleansing product, but three; soups, shakes, and green smoothies. You'll also find a wide variety of recipes for each, so you’ll never get stuck in a rut and feel tempted to stray from your cleanse. The recipes are packed with fruits and veggies that are full of phytochemicals. Phytochemicals work to flush toxins and energize your cells, make your eyes shine brighter, and your skin healthier. You’ll fill your body with the fiber it needs to heal any issues you may have with your GI tract. My cleanse promotes other health benefits, including:

  • Safe weight loss
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Builds up your muscles
  • Fights inflammation
  • Heals a leaky gut
  • Lowers your blood sugar
  • Helps protect you from many cancers
  • Promotes healthy blood vessels
  • Protects you from blood clots
  • Regulates your thyroid

Honestly, I could go on and on about the benefits your body will receive with this good-for-you cleanse. I challenge you to take control of your health today and commit to five short, revitalizing days of healing. I’ll walk you through prepping your body, what to expect, and how to modify it for your keto, paleo, or vegan diet. I made it as simple as possible so you could concentrate on restoring your health. Grab the Cleanse and Reset and revive your health today!

Keep thinking Big and living BOLD!