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Detox vs. Cleanse: Is There a Difference?

You've probably heard the words detox and cleanse used interchangeably quite a bit. In fact, you've probably done this yourself more often than not. Although there are some similarities between the two, there are several distinct differences worth taking note of. Let's break it down and clear up the misconceptions, so you’re better equipped to choose the right option for yourself.

The Target

Both cleanses and detoxes work to rid your body of toxins. We are exposed to numerous toxins daily that threaten the health of our body. Through short-term changes and restrictions in our daily diet, our cells are cleansed, organs are repaired, and skin is rejuvenated.

What is a Cleanse?

When you cleanse and reset your body, you are putting most of the focus on cleaning out your digestive tract. A cleanse has the primary goal of removing toxins, waste, and parasites during a short period. While the most commonly talked about cleanses today are juice cleanses, it can be as simple as cutting back on particular foods, eating healthier and lighter, and removing allergenic foods from your diet. These simple changes help move the digestive process along more quickly; supporting the cleanse and reset of your system.

The Truth About Juicing

Juice cleanses are very popular and promote an easy, healthy method of cleansing out your system. Keep in mind, if you aren't making your own juice cleanses with the appropriate ingredients, you're likely doing more harm than good. To cleanse and reset your body effectively, you need to reduce or eliminate several items from your regular diet, including sugar. Most fruit juices you will find are loaded down with sugar. Between the fruits and the base of the juice cleanse; usually a sugary fruit juice, you're pumping an awful lot of potential inflammation and illness into your system. And most juice cleanses recommend that you drink several bottles a day. This can often have the reverse effects you were aiming for. That kind of defeats the purpose of your cleanse, don't you think? You could experience:

  • A decrease in energy level
  • Spikes in your insulin levels
  • Loss of muscle
  • Lack of concentration
  • Changes in mood (and no, not for the better)
  • Short-lived weight loss results

The Upside of Juice Cleansing

This doesn't mean that juice cleanses should be ruled out entirely. The right type of juice cleanse can have positive effects on your body. Making your juices at home is your best option to reap the full benefits of your cleanse and reset efforts. Substitute fruit juices with water as your base to eliminate as much sugar as possible. You'll want to select fruits that are on the lower end of the sugar content scale and higher in fiber content. This will help your stomach stay full longer while supporting your weight loss goals. With my Cleanse and Reset plan, I’ll walk you through the “yes” and “no” foods, what to buy on your pre-cleanse shopping trip, and a ton of yummy, low-sugar recipes to take the guesswork out of your cleanse.

What is a Detox?

A detox will rid your body of toxins but will do a deeper dive into your system. Also done in a short amount of time, it focuses on supporting your body’s natural detoxification efforts by targeting your digestive tract as well as your:

  • Skin
  • Lungs
  • Kidneys
  • Liver

A detox will improve the functioning of your liver and kidneys. In turn, they will support the rest of your organs in the detoxing process. The typical detox plan starts you off with a fast, followed by a restricted diet. Usually, you’ll be limited to fruits, veggies, and specific liquids, such as lemon water and fruit and veggie smoothies. A detox can be done in a variety of ways and usually in combinations. You’ll find you can detox with infrared saunas, colonics, making changes to your regular diet and supplements, herbs, and teas. It helps the natural detox process by:

  • Delivering crucial nutrients to your body
  • Allow your organs to rest through your fasting period
  • Remove toxins through sweat, urine, and bowel movements
  • Increase the body’s circulation
  • Support your liver in ridding your body from toxins

Intermittent fasting offers benefits of its own that are quite remarkable. It can improve your energy level and cognitive functions while repairing muscle, and fighting off illness. Intermittent fasting also helps reverse the signs of aging. We all love that idea, don’t we? It has its own anti-inflammatory benefits too. It’s no wonder it pairs so well with a detox. You’ll notice a relief in muscle and joint pain, the loss of stubborn belly fat, and diminished cravings for sugar to help support your new, healthy lifestyle.

A Cleanse Above All Others

A few years ago, I experienced a terrifying and eye-opening health crash. In a determined search for a way back to my healthy, enthusiastic self, I developed a gentle and incredibly nourishing five-day cleanse. Unlike other cleanses, I loaded mine with clean protein in the liquid forms of bone broth and collagen. This allowed my gut to rest from solids while benefiting from the rewards of collagen. Through soups, smoothies, and shakes, I delivered a buffet of fruits and veggies, all containing an abundance of the essential nutrients my body needed to heal. 

Restoring Your Health, Step-By-Step

The results were too good not to share. So, if you’re feeling exhausted, unmotivated, and tired of being unhealthy, this cleanse is for you. If you can’t seem to shake the last of the belly fat or have noticed the dull, aging affects your skin has endured, this cleanse is for you. My Cleanse and Reset walks you through preparing your body for the cleanse, foods to eat and avoid, what to shop for, and even recipes to batch prep, so you are armed and ready to go!

If you’ve tried a cleanse or detox that fell short of your health goals, give me five days to show you the benefits a nutritious cleanse and reset can bring. You’ll feel reset and refreshed in a matter of days. Start your five-day road to health with me today.

Keep thinking Big and living BOLD!