How Well Do You Really Know Yourself?

How Well Do You Really Know Yourself?

Identifying your strengths and weaknesses can help you achieve your goals faster and stop you from sabotaging yourself. So take a journey of self-discovery with me today!

How Well Do You Really Know Yourself? This month, I’m all about empowering you to become “A New You in the New Year.” That’s because I want you to be the best YOU that you can be in 2017! In today’s post, I have one powerful piece of advice that can help you reach your New Year’s goals.

And that is: Take a long look in the mirror. No, I’m not talking about fixing your lipstick or plucking a stray eyebrow hair! Instead, I’m talking about taking an in-depth look at yourself—both your strengths and weaknesses. That’s because when you truly know yourself, warts and all, you can maximize your strengths and counter the weaknesses that could trip you up. So here’s what I want you to do.

1. First, make a list of your strong points. When you play to your strengths, you’ll hugely improve your odds of success. So give some serious thought to what your best assets are, and how you can use them to reach your goals. For instance:

  • Are you a natural leader? If so, think about getting other people involved in your healthy plans for the New Year. For instance, organize a Bone Broth Diet group at work, or lead a walking group for your friends. Activities like these will keep your own motivation high, while helping your peeps as well. There’s strength in numbers!
  • Are you bold? Then set “stretch” goals for yourself. Don’t make them impossible, but make them awesome. You’ll be amazed at how often you’ll reach them.
  • Are you great at sticking to a to-do list? Then plan each one of your resolutions step-by-step. For instance, rather than vaguely resolving to go to the gym, pick a date on your calendar and write, Renew gym membership. Then, every week after that, write go to gym on two or three days.
  • Are you a creative cook? Then every week, explore at least two new ways to incorporate healthy, slimming foods into your diet. (My new Bone Broth Cookbook can help!)
  • Are you willing to try new things? Then experiment with fun ways to stay fit. For instance, take up rock climbing or surfing, or try archery or ballet. You’ll turn everyday exercise into an adventure!
2. Now, take an honest look at the things that challenge you. We all have weaknesses—and when you identify yours and take steps to counter them, you can avoid getting derailed. For instance:
  • Do you tend to blow your diet on dates or nights out with the girls? Then avoid the bar-and-restaurant scene and plan weekend activities that involve more doing and less eating and drinking. For instance, go ice skating with your sweetie, or get a massage with the gals.
  • Do you eat fast food too often, because you don’t like cooking? Then write out a list of all the healthy foods you can pick up quickly at the store—for instance, rotisserie chickens, salads, precooked hard-boiled eggs, pre-cut veggies, tuna, smoked salmon, and Applegate lunch meats. Keep this list in your car, and when you’re tempted to get a burger and fries, dash into the store and grab a good-for-you meal instead.
  • Are you prone to negative self-talk? Then learn to spot this habit and break it. For instance, each time you catch yourself thinking, “I’m going to fail,” replace that thought with a positive one—for instance, “I am strong, and I am committed to my goal of becoming slimmer and healthier.” Think of that negative voice as a bully, and start standing up to it.

— Knowing your strengths and weaknesses will empower you to become your best ally rather than your own worst enemy when you’re striving to reach your New Year’s goals.  So right now, start working on your strengths-and-challenges list. When you’re done, ask yourself these questions: As I’m working to make my New Year’s goals a reality, how can I maximize each of these strengths—and how can I counter each of these weaknesses? The answers will help you chart a clear course to success!

Keep thinking Big and living BOLD!