Why You Should Make Your New Year’s Resolutions NOW

Why You Should Make Your New Year’s Resolutions NOW

I know it’s traditional to make your New Year’s resolutions on January 1. That’s because after a night of partying hard—and way too much champagne!—you’re ready to start being virtuous again.

However, as a weight-loss transformation expert, I have a big tip for you: Make your resolutions now, before the New Year starts. Getting a jump on your goals is a brilliant idea, especially if one of those goals is to lose weight. Here are three reasons why.

  1. It empowers you to set smart goals.

Clear, specific goals work far better than vague ones. So instead of waking up on January 1 and saying, “I want to lose weight,” take time right now to spell out goals like these:

  • “I’m going to start Dr. Kellyann’s Bone Broth Diet on January 15th.”
  • “Before that, during the first week of January, I’m going to make two big batches of bone broth to prepare for my diet.”
  • “During the second week of January, I’m going to clean all of the ‘yes’ foods so I’ll be ready to go.”

When you set precise goals like these and mark them down on your calendar, you can hit the ground running in the New Year. 

  1. It gives you a head start.

If you decide on the morning of January 1 to lose weight, you’re already behind the eight ball. That’s because you’ve spent the last two weeks of the old year overeating, slacking off on your workouts, and putting on pounds.

Set your weight-loss goals now, on the other hand, and you’ll start making good choices right away. Once you put your intention out into the world—for instance, “I will lose at least ten pounds by February 1”—you will automatically start to act on that intention. You’ll bypass those crab puffs, say “no” to seconds at dinner, and reach for wine instead of eggnog. And each decision, large or small, will put you another step ahead of the game.

What’s more, setting your goals early will give you time to recruit allies. If you inspire one or two friends to join you in your diet, it’ll give you a powerful incentive to stick to your resolution. And of course, starting early will give you time to pick up a copy of my new cookbook, Dr. Kellyann’s Bone Broth Cookbook, and pick out all the recipes you and your friends want to try!

  1. It creates positive energy.

The goals you make on January 1 are often based on guilt or self-loathing, especially if you really overdid it during the holidays. And negative self-talk—“I need to lose weight, because I’m disgusted with myself for losing control over the holidays”—pulls negative energy into your life.

Instead, pull in positive energy by looking forward, not back. Use affirmations—for instance, “I will start the New Year strong and become the best me I can be”—to banish negative self-talk and set yourself up for victory in the future.

Remember my rule about picking yourself up after a loss or a defeat, brushing yourself off, and saying “next,” rather than wallowing in the past. Trust me: it works.

So that’s my first tip for achieving your goals for 2017: start now. In upcoming posts, I’ll offer more tips to help you crush your New Year’s goals. I’m going to tell you how to prepare yourself, your friends and family, and even your home so you’ll be set for success when the New Year rolls around. Keep reading… because together, we’re going to make 2017 your most awesome year ever!

Keep thinking Big and Living BOLD!