Ridiculously Healthy Paleo Orange Sherbet Gelatin

Ridiculously Healthy Paleo Orange Sherbet Gelatin

I hope you are having an awesome Fourth of July weekend!

As I take my kids here and there over the summer, I'm reminded just how annoying those roving ice cream trucks are. Even their music has a " crazy town" bent to it!

The ice cream truck, though, is actually quite the marketing concept. Think about it. Fill a truck with sugar, find kids and play music until Mom caves. Ice cream, money … score!

(Any entrepreneurs reading? Could someone please create a better sound track for these trucks? How about some Cold Play … seems appropriate for ice cream. And, as they’re marketed for kids, how about keeping it fair … could there be a mobile-margarita-magnet for moms? At 4 p.m., the truck goes wherever moms hang out. Makes sense, right?)

But now think back to when you were a kid mesmerized by the notion that it would be cruising down your street any minute. It seemed to be surrounded by pixie dust and rainbows!   

One of my favorite snags? The orange Creamsicle. I would dance around in the hot sun with my friends — making sure not to let a drop fall. I was pretty sure the reason why summer was created was to eat those orange Creamsicles!

Following a recent morning of  seeing patients, I decided to work on my blog outside, where the sun was simply irresistible. After just getting set up, what did I hear in the distance? Yep … that strange, demented music and bells coming from a roving ice cream truck! And right around dinner time. Fantastic.

Instead of being annoyed, though, a warm, happy feeling came over me. I was a kid again, chillin’ with my neighborhood pals and acting all Nancy Drew … without a care in the world.

I thought, wouldn’t it be cool to capture that great summertime taste, but without all the sugar, dyes and crap?

Soon after, I got down to business. Eventually, I not only captured the taste, but made it ridiculously healthy.

You read some of what gelatin can do for you in my last post. 

Enjoy all of those benefits in this summer breeze of a dessert —  my Orange Sherbet Gelatin.

Keep thinking big and living bold!

-Dr. Kellyann