Palm Springs NBC Visit was a Delight

Yep ... I'm still up to the same old tricks ... and having a lot of adventures along the way. I arrived in the desert this morning — Palm Springs, CA, to appear on NBC affiliate KMIR. The temperature registered at about 109 degrees, which barely seemed to phase the locals. The mountains on the way in — with the windmills blowing — was like something out of a movie, something you don't see (EVER) on the East Coast.

The folks at the station were an absolute delight and one of the crew just lost 140 pounds in the past 12 months following the Paleo lifestyle! So what was supposed to be a 3-minute segment turned into not one, but two 5-minute segments! I left a trail of coconut aminos and Paleo bread crumbs, and lots of people thinking ... I've got to try this Paleo thing! It was a great day.