Project: Bold

Project: Bold

Cheers! Welcome to my first blog post on This website is dedicated to helping you launch your crazy awesome life! I’m so glad you’re here! Here’s what’s on my mind: Putting yourself out there is, well…. no joke. It’s risky, a lotta work, and downright scary as all. So an intelligent person may ask, why do you even bother?

I learned something very early in practice - I’m in the solutions business. People came to me wanting solutions and strategies to create a better life. Finding those solutions became my complete focus. I began to dig deeper than I knew I could, and ended up spending ½ my life doing so. I was on a scavenger hunt looking for answers, and travelled literally around the world to find them. It was my passion, my obsession and definitely my personal journey. These are the questions that clunked around in my brain:

How do we get well, stay well and look damn good doing it? How do we fight aging and live longer, stronger and disease free?

After years of studying the habits of different cultures, learning from the créme de le créme docs, and spending time working with many patients, I found answers. Ridiculously simple solutions to many of the outrageous (and totally preventable) problems that cause so much suffering today. If you have a message that may inspire someone to create a better life, you gotta go for it. To me, it’s a moral obligation - and that’s why I bother. I have an obligation to help you develop the habits to get well, stay well and look amazing - because I know, it’s your birthright.

With a couple of strategies, you can finally clear out all of the confusion and make your life simple… and with simplicity, you get results. So, I may be shakin’ in my shoes starting this new adventure, but it’s not about me being comfortable. The message I have is bigger than that. It’s about helping you to move towards a better life. Every week I’ll give you your daily dose news, tips or inspiration to help you decide, commit, and Get. It. Done!

I know that you get a lot of junk in your in-box every day. I don’t like it when marketers email me everyday. I promise I will never do that. I respect your time and your privacy. Thank you for reading – and please – email me anytime to let me know how I can help you. Live bold, think big - and find your power!

Dr Kellyann