Project: Grit

Project: Grit

What exactly is GRIT?

I know it sounds like the stuff that ends up between your bathroom tiles - all icky and stuff. Nope, not the grit I'm talking about. When you think of Grit, think of someone like Jack Canfield who was told by 144 publishers to "hit the road Jack" before finally landing a publisher that said "yes" to his manuscript called Chicken Soup for the Soul. What did his grit investment get him? Well, he and his co-author Mark Victor Hansen became best selling authors selling over 115 million books worldwide. How about Sylvester Stallone?

He was completely broke, living in his car, but somehow found it within himself to not only sell his screenplay for the movie Rocky, but got even "grittier" (something you should know about me... I love to make up words) and scored the leading role in the film as a complete unknown. The Grit factor even pays off in character roles. If you caught the Hunger Games, you were probably perched at your seat completely compelled by the main character Katniss Everdeen, who's grit is the basis behind the entire gripping storyline.

Where does grit come from? Were these people given a special gift? Nope. Were they taught grit? Nope. Do they know something other people don't know? Well, maybe.

Grit comes from your WHY.

Your why is what drives you to plow forward. It's your purpose. It's a goal or a mission that you want to fulfill so deeply - your physiology won't let you stop plowing ahead, even when turbulence hits because as sure as I'm standing, it will.

Grit is the byproduct of your mission. When something is so meaningful, so important, you sink your teeth in like nobody's business. It's when you want something so badly that it doesn't matter what life throws at you. The wheels can come off the wagon, and you just keep going.

Why am I mentioning this stuff? Well, because your health, your effervescent, and your energy levels are directly proportional to how much you are living your purpose. This is a HUGE factor when assessing your health outcomes.

It's like this:

Your WHY + Your GRIT= Your Overall Success in Life

No doubt, there are days I feel like saying screw my purpose, screw git. I'm going back to bed - with a damn bag of Twizzlers, and what's it to you anyway? But before long, that internal drive takes over. That purpose that flows through my veins and I get back up - battle wounds and all.

So it may seem like an oversimplification to just ask the question: What's my WHY? But when you take the time to discover this, there's no going back. Life may not get easier, but I can promise you will feel a greater sense of "inner brilliance."

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