Stop Bloating with a Cleanse and Reset

Stop Bloating with a Cleanse and Reset

We've all been in that uncomfortable position, flopped over on the couch or curled up on the bed. Sometimes there is pain; other times, it's just the horrible feeling of a gassy, enlarged, get-me-out-of-these-pants stomach. It’s that feeling of an enormous swollen tummy and uncomfortably backed up gut that makes you want to crawl under the covers and suffer in solitude. If you’re nodding your head right now, you’re not the only one. And you’re about to learn the secret to beating the bloat! No more worrying about how you’ll feel after a meal, whether at home, a restaurant, or event. You’ll be able to enjoy yourself as well as the foods you eat with a simple 5-day cleanse.


What’s Causing Me to Bloat?

Good question. It's certainly not a pleasant experience, and some of you may deal with it more often than others. One reason for your misery could be a change in your eating habits. But this isn’t just limited to eating junk. It also includes a shift to a healthier eating habit. I know it seems unfair, right? Transitioning to a nutritious diet can sometimes trigger the discomfort of bloating. While your body gets used to the new menu you’re sending down, it tends to get thrown a bit out of whack. With a little patience, your digestive system will work through the changes you’ve just introduced to your system. The perfect example is adding greens to your diet. You’re flooding your system with nutritious vitamins and fiber, but your digestive tract may not be prepared for it. You may be sending down the healthy stuff but get ready for some pushback in the beginning.


Unfortunately, there's a long list of reasons you could be experiencing the dreaded bloat woes. Bloating can be triggered by bacteria build up in your colon and often stimulates gas after you’ve digested a good portion of fiber. If there’s an imbalance of fiber in your diet, you could experience the annoyance of the bulging tummy too. Certain liquids can irritate your system and add constipation to your troubles, as well. 


If you already battle IBS, acid reflux, or lactose intolerance, you may or may not know that these lend a hand in your bloating blues. Other culprits are high levels of sodium, fructose, fat, and retaining water from inhaling too many carbs in short periods. Slow down. Enjoy your food. And give your system time to digest. If you want to give yourself a break, try cutting back on some of these habits, and you may find yourself clutching your stomach less often.


The Inflammation and Leaky Gut Links

Bloating can often be the result of inflammation and a leaky gut. When your gut is unhappy and not functioning at its optimal levels, it's unable to rid your system of toxins effectively. It begins to lack the ability to soothe thoroughly, repair, cleanse, and reset your digestive system, and in turn, your overall health. Think of bloating as your body’s unpleasant way of telling you it’s NOT happy. But there may be relief in the form of a 5-day cleanse.


How Can a Cleanse Banish the Bloat?

A plan to cleanse and reset helps your body repair the damage done by toxins. When you choose a healthy cleanse, it can remove those nasty toxins that are doing their share to keep you bloated. Your body will begin to heal as inflammation is targeted and reduced. By filling up on the right vitamins and nutrients, a cleanse and reset will give you a fighting chance against bloating and all the distressing symptoms that come with it. A simple 5-day cleanse will send a wave of antioxidants and amino acids to restore the health of your cells and leave you feeling and looking fabulous!


The Right Kind of Cleanse and Reset

Don’t be fooled into thinking any cleanse will do. With my gentle 5-day cleanse, your body will reap the healing benefits of collagen-rich bone broth. Bone broth provides your body with the soothing nutrients needed to repair and heal that overworked gut and damaged cells and organs. In a matter of five days, your body will go through a total transformation. Even during day one, you’ll begin to notice the discomforts of bloating are beginning to fade. The too-full-to-move feeling will soon disappear when you switch to foods that are hydrating, light, and gentle on your digestive tract. It’s one of the reasons my bone broth cleanse is perfect. It will coat your digestive tract while reducing all that inflammation and bloating. Your body will love you for all the bone broth ingredients you nourish it with, including gelatin, clean protein, and a variety of veggies known for helping to relieve bloat.


Anti-Bloat Guidelines to Live by During Your Cleanse and Reset

So, how do you beat the bloat? During your 5-Day cleanse:

  • Temporarily limit your intake of fruits and veggies. This will give your system enough time to adjust to the changes.
  • If you’re currently taking fiber supplements, cut back for a bit. This 5-day cleanse has just the right amount of fiber for you. Build slowly if you chose to add more.  
  • Now you can build back up to your desired level of fruits and vegetables. Slow and steady will keep the bloat at bay.
  • Keep track of foods that seem to lead to signs of bloating. When you feel those awful symptoms coming your way, try a few of these tricks:
    • Eat smaller portions.
    • Limit your intake of fat — even healthy fats.
    • Give your system time to digest. Eat a small snack, then rest a moment before chasing it with another. Pay attention and note which foods tend to lead to symptoms of bloating. You may be able to narrow in on a few bad apples that are your triggers.

Don’t spend another moment clutching your uncomfortably swollen stomach and feeling punished. Take control of your health and the foods you want to enjoy. Learn more about this bloat-banishing cleanse and reset.

Keep thinking Big and living BOLD!