Paleo Hollywood Mayonnaise

Paleo Hollywood Mayonnaise

Hi there! I’m on Sunset Boulevard today in Hollywood, and that’s got me thinking about “star quality,” and what really makes a star.

It’s that thing …that intangible thing. Energy, life, the ability to be interesting and entertaining. To know how to TURN IT ON. To know how to flip the switch and GO. To know how to let life radiate out of your eyes so others just can’t look away.

Believe it of not, food can have that star quality, too. When you combine ordinary mayo with roasted red pepper, lime chipotle, herb or aioli, you get that star quality.

Seems like too much fuss for just mayonnaise? Try some. You’ll feel like these condiments bring energy to your dish. The wild flavors entertain and allow the life to radiate out of the food that much better. These “Hollywood” Paleo mayos are so light, yet decadent.

Keep thinking big and living bold!

-Dr. Kellyann