Travel Smart: Taking Good Food Sense to the Airport

Travel Smart: Taking Good Food Sense to the Airport

As many of you are planning trips, you're probably not just thinking about what's going in your suitcase, but what snacks you'll take. The dreaded airport food awaits and I’m planning to avoid it at all costs!

If you’re not prepared and don’t have a handle on your “personal play” program (which snacks are good for you, which to avoid and when), you can take a big dive, especially when it comes to airport situations. Have you ever been in a situation where your blood-sugar drops and you become crazed? (I think this is why so many people are rude and impatient in airports, actually!) This is when I — and likely thousands of others — say, “I’m starving, there’s nothing to eat, so I’ll have a slice of ugh pizza.” Sound familiar? This is especially common when traveling. Either we’re prepared or we’re not. And it can get really ugly if we’re not.

I remember being wiped out in LA and San Diego after a packed day of TV segments and speaking engagements. Not to mention, I was super hungry. After rushing to LAX for my red-eye flight, I realized I was in trouble in the food department — there wasn’t a morsel of food anywhere. Most restaurants were closed, and the ones that were open had slim (or should I say, fat?) pickings, to say the least. My choice: I could eat a bag of Sun Chips and fill up on free beer in the club room or call it a day and wait until I was home to make bacon and eggs.

I dug deep into my purse searching for a jerky bar, coconut chips, anything good … and there was nothing. Feeling a little crazed, I ripped open the complimentary bag of Sun Chips, scarfed them down and chugged a can of beer. Then, the inevitable — I fell into an instant, drugged stupor of exhaustion and icky-ness, as my stomach started to pop over my skinny jeans. Man, I wished I had decided to just fast. But all of this could have been avoided with just a little forethought. Just a tiny bit of preparation can go a long way in helping you avoid food Hell on the road. Here’s what I do now to keep myself from going wonky when traveling:

Airport-friendly Snacks

Let’s face it …  the food options at most airports are pretty terrible, and airplane food is not only junky, it’s also not very tasty. You’ll be happier and healthier if you eat well before your flight, make a plan for where you’ll eat at your destination, and pack Paleo-friendly snacks for the travel time in between. Arm yourself with a small, insulated food bag for items that need to be kept cool, and stuff non-perishables into your carry-on for snacks any time. Here are foods that won’t send the TSA into a panic and will travel well without refrigeration.

For Your Cooler Bag

Sugar-free, high-quality deli meats, smoked salmon, hardboiled eggs, cooked chicken, cut into easily-managed pieces, cooked meatballs or burger patties, cooked sweet potatoes, raw veggies, cut into easily managed pieces, fresh fruit, cut into easily managed pieces, avocado or guacamole and olives.

For Your Carry-on Bag

Sugar-free beef jerky, coconut flakes, nuts and dried fruit. Remember to pack plenty of napkins. If you absolutely have no time to prepare for last-minute travel, you can find Paleo-friendly snacks in many airport gift shops. Avoid the chips and candy! Instead, look for dried fruit (with no added sugar), roasted nuts (discard the peanuts in mixed nuts), and snack bars made from dried fruit and nuts like KIND healthy snacks, which are available in most airports I’ve visited.

Personal Favorite

My personal favorite travel foods are Collagen Fiber Bars! These creamy coconut filled bars covered with rich dark chocolate are ready for travel and are as tasty as can be. If you want a quality quick grab, check it out. Hope these tips keep you from experiencing travel craze!

Keep thinking big and living bold!