Top 4 New Year’s Resolution "Foodie Flops” ...Solved

Top 4 New Year’s Resolution "Foodie Flops” ...Solved

So I ask, How Are Your New Year’s Resolutions Going? If you are like most of the people in America, your resolution had something to do with what not to eat. And, after about a week into it, you may be feeling the pain. Some of this pain may just be a natural reaction to detoxing from wheat, sugar and dairy — the no foods on which I speak about often. I have consulted hundreds of patients and many doctors who have pulled the rug out on the ol’ sugar demon. And they’re all the better for it! So, if you are feeling a bit wonky, it’s OK.

Let your body do what it needs to do. Be strong, and, most of all, be patient! (Much more to come on this in future posts.) If, however, your New Year’s Resolutions aren’t panning out, let me help you make better choices. Losing weight and healing conditions is all about one thing: CHOICES. I know, I get it. Sometimes you don't know what you don't know. But now you know me. You won’t have that excuse anymore because I’m committed to giving you content that is going to get you where you want to be.

It’s what you do every day that matters — not the one-offs like when you tried a new restaurant last week and ate more than you should have, or sampled that croissant in Paris, or attended that holiday dinner party where you went off the rails. It’s long-term lifestyle choices that matter.

Here are some questions I received recently.

I hope my answers help you with perhaps some of your lifestyle struggles:

Q: “I love the ease and comfort of convenience foods. You know, grab and go. I’m struggling with this and I don't want to succumb to 100 calorie snack packs”

A: “How about this. Paleo trail mix is super easy to make and a great snack. You can make a bunch and portion them out in single-serving Baggies. Got kiddos? They have a BALL making this mix. I have just the recipe.


Q: “Doc, I’m detoxing from soda. I drank about three cans a day and I really miss that taste in my mouth of something other then just water or tea!”

A: I’m of course shrieking, and SO glad they are kicking that poison to the curb. “Try this: Sparkling water with fruit like lemon, lime, oranges or berries. Sometimes a couple of olives tossed in the glass does the trick nicely! It’s called Dr.Kellyann’s Spa water. I did a post way back that you might enjoy:


Q: “I’m totally feeling awful and I want to grab and eat something that I gave up, like M&M’s, my weakness.”

A: “Yep. Been there. Fat will help ease sugar cravings. And cinnamon is a great natural blood-sugar stabilizer that also gives you a sweet fix. I made these awesome coconut chips on FOX news and the anchors and producers went hog-wild over them. One of the anchors asked three times. “These are really good for you, huh? Wow, who knew?”


Q: “Every once in a while, I want to be able to give myself a treat, but I’m struggling as to what is not going to really set me off.  My old way (before 2014) was to grab a muffin at the bakery, and that would do it. I figured it was better than a cupcake … sigh.”

A: Ok, so one of my MAIN messages is that we are hardwired for sweets. Don't even try for one millisecond to think you can divorce sweets for good. You just have to redefine sweets. Your body is designed to eat sweets made from natural sweeteners and sugars like berries and maybe some dried fruit for a sweet twang. NOT Dunkin Donuts. That's where we got into trouble. Try this replacement for your muffin fix, and let yourself “honestly indulge” once a week. 

These Pumpkin Pie Muffins are made with nut flour and pumpkin puree, and sweetened with just a tad of honey and vanilla. — so much better than all that gluten and added sugars. Still decadent, but not a gluten and sugar slam. These are all excellent lifestyle tips not only to help with your resolutions, but for here on out. Don’t fret if you have a can of pop or a muffin now and then. Those are the one-offs I talked about earlier. Make the one-offs the absolute exception rather than the rule. Incorporate healthy lifestyle choices into your life, and, before you know it, they’ll become habits. Those M&M’s will be nothing but a memory.

I’ve made my resolutions; you’ve made yours. Let's work together in 2015 to blaze trails!

Keep thinking big and living bold!

-Dr. Kellyann