cleanse and reset smoothies with a variety of fruits on table

Juice or Smoothie: Which Cleanse Is Right for Me?

Making the decision to cleanse and reset your body can be a bit daunting. There are so many questions on your mind, as there should be. Is it safe? How long should a cleanse last? Is it necessary to do them? Is there a rapid reset? Which cleanse will give me the best results? So, I thought we’d dive into the juice cleanse vs. smoothie cleanse debate. Both are packed full of delicious fruits and veggies, so they must be healthy, right?

Why Consider a Cleanse?

Even though your body was built to naturally cleanses itself, you need to remember that it can only do so much without your help. Toxins surround us daily. There's just no escaping them. These nasty little toxins wreak havoc on your body and can cause cognitive impairments, inflammation, and even lead to extra belly fat and added wrinkles. This small list alone is certainly enough to make someone a believer in needing to cleanse and reset. Environmental toxins aren't our only issue, though. Our own cells are creating free radicals and becoming little waste creators. If we expect our bodies to hold up and keep us healthy, we need to do our part to support the natural cleanse and reset systems it has in place.

But I Don’t Think I Need a Cleanse

We are all exposed to these toxins, even when we assume we are safe. Let’s look at water, for example. We have many regulations put in place to provide us with safe drinking water, but there are still toxins that sneak through. Now, these are very low doses but think for a second how often you’re using water and on a daily basis. Even a low exposure dose can be damaging to your body from chronic use. So why should you cleanse and reset your body? What if I told you the water you drink or use to prepare your family meals could contain traces of pesticides, copper, and lead? Still wondering why cleanses are a good idea? I bet you’re wondering how soon you can start a rapid reset.

A Closer Look at Cleanses

A cleanse can certainly help you eliminate various toxins from your body. While they may be able to cleanse and reset your systems, it's important to know that your typical juice cleanse or smoothie cleanse doesn't work for everyone. In fact, many cleanses have such a restrictive diet that it's challenging to stick to one and see it through to the end. If you’re looking for an easy rapid reset, these may not be the options for you. For many that do complete their juice or smoothie cleanse, the benefits are not as long-lasting as they’d expected. Many tend to return to their regular daily habits; gain back the lost weight and return to an unhealthy diet.

So, you may be wondering why you should bother putting yourself through such a rigid diet if results are only going to be temporary. Well, the answer is simple. It's not a once-in-a-while juice cleanse or a quick-fix smoothie cleanse that is going to restore your health and detox your body. It needs to be a healthy lifestyle change. If your goal is to find a rapid reset to get rid of unwanted belly fat and keep it off, have radiant, glowing skin, and a healthy body to protect you against illness, then change is a necessity.

Juice Cleanse or Smoothie Cleanse: The Bigger Picture

Before we get into the battle of the cleanses, let's take a look at some of the big picture benefits a juice cleanse or smoothie cleanse can provide you. Some of these cleanses promote the use of whole foods. While these unrefined, unprocessed plant foods sound healthy, you'll still want to choose whole foods that will support a clean, healthy body. Grains, for instance, can be the cause of your unhappy gut. They can lead to inflammation, various diseases, and unwanted belly fat, to name a few. Select the right whole foods packed with vitamins, nutrients, and antioxidants. They'll provide you with radiant skin, protection from fine lines and wrinkles, and ward off inflammation. Choose foods such as blueberries. They are known for being vitamin and nutrient-rich, but did you know these little guys also contained the power to: 

  • Promote strong, healthy bones
  • Slow down or reduce cognitive impairment caused by aging
  • Improve your short-term memory
  • Promote a healthy blood pressure level
  • Improve your coordination  
  • Lower your risk for certain cancers, diabetes, and obesity
  • Help treat post-traumatic stress disorder

What Is a Juice Cleanse?

A juice cleanse is a detox plan which allows you only to consume fruits and veggies that have been juiced, or had their juices extracted. There are various lengths of juice cleanses, usually based on your individual goals, health, and program you may be following. You’ll find they typically run between two and seven days. It's important to take into consideration that juicing removes the fiber from these foods. Now I will say if you are one to have an issue with a high fiber diet, a juice cleanse will definitely be easier on your system than a smoothie cleanse. Aside from that, they leave your body wanting for fiber. 

Benefits of a Juice Cleanse

As long as you are watching your sugar intake, there can be benefits to trying a juice cleanse. The fruit and vegetables you choose will provide you with a rapid reset and an excellent source of vitamins and nutrients. They help support your body’s natural cleanse and reset systems. The nutrients in these fruits and veggies are easily and quickly absorbed and work to support a healthy immune system and a happy gut. They also can help you lose weight, so who can argue with that? 

The Down-Side of Juicing

Too much juice can cause unwanted issues, such as a nutritional imbalance. You may be overdoing it on your potassium while lacking in sodium, for instance. A juice cleanse may also be a bit harder for some to ward off hunger and cravings. You won't find the healthy fats and proteins in a juice that your body needs to feel full for more extended periods of time. And PLEASE don't rush out and grab any ‘ole bottle of juice! Do your homework first. The latest juice craze could be loaded with extra sugar. Be selective about the cleanses you try, or it won't do your body any good. Just because it promises a rapid reset, doesn’t always mean it’s healthy for your body. Did I mention how costly they are? Think about it. You're throwing away a good portion of your fruits and vegetables (and the fiber!) with this cleanse.

What is a Smoothie Cleanse?

A smoothie cleanse is a blended drink, using fruits and veggies to help promote your detox and weight loss efforts. The length of your cleanse varies in length of days as well. A smoothie cleanse makes use of the entire fruit or vegetable you add to your blender. No waste here! This means you are getting a higher dose of fiber than with the juice option.  

Benefits of a Smoothie Cleanse

Smoothies are a rich source of fiber, nutrients, vitamins, and antioxidants. Smoothies may also contain more nutritional value than juice. The increase in fiber will help you feel fuller, longer. And there may be an added benefit to choosing a blended cleanse. A study involving grapefruit used methods of hand-squeezing, juicing, and blending to compare levels of phytochemicals. It is believed that phytochemicals help reduce your risk of certain cancers by protecting cell damage. The blending method showed grapefruit juice had the highest content of phytochemicals, while also containing more limonin and flavonoids than the other methods. 

The Down-Side of Smoothies

As I mentioned earlier, some people cannot tolerate large quantities of fiber as well as others. You may experience digestive issues while on a smoothie cleanse, due to the higher content of fiber you’ll consume. Texture can be another drawback in some cases. Smoothies tend to be a thick consistency that isn’t enjoyed by all. Like juice, you also won’t be getting any protein or fats that a meal would provide.

A Healthy Smoothie Option

Want a fantastic solution for getting in your daily protein while you’re on a juice or smoothie cleanse?  A great source of protein comes from collagen, which provides you with a rapid reset and can easily be added to your cleansing drinks. With a scoop of Complete Collagen Protein, you’ll get amazing benefits, including:

  • Firmer skin
  • Reduced signs of aging – fine lines and wrinkles
  • Reduced sunspots
  • Protection against inflammation
  • A boost to your immune system
  • Promotes a happy, healthy gut
  • Improves muscle tone
  • Brings relief to joint pain

Choosing a cleanse doesn’t have to mean cutting off your body from what it needs to thrive. Such a simple solution as collagen protein takes minimal effort when preparing your juice or smoothie cleanse. Isn’t it worth it when you consider the ongoing list of benefits?

I even have a tasty collagen duo recipe you’re going to love! It’s filled with vitamins, nutrients, and protein to help cleanse your body with all the added bonuses!

Ginger Mango Shake

Yield: 1 servings


  • 1 cup of water
  • ⅓ cup full-fat coconut milk
  • ⅓ cup mango (fresh or frozen)
  • ½-inch piece fresh ginger, peeled and grated
  • 2 packets of my Collagen Shake in Vanilla Almond
  • Stevia or monk fruit (optional)
  • Ice


Combine all of your ingredients in your blender. Blend well and serve.

You can swap my Collagen Shake in Vanilla Almond for 1 scoop of my Bone Broth Protein in Vanilla or 1 scoop of my flavorless Complete Collagen Protein.

It’s a great way to add something new to your smoothie menu. The health and beauty benefits aren’t so bad either. You can always find delicious, good for you recipes to help inspire you and support your cleansing goals.

The Ultimate Cleanse and Reset

Now if you’re serious about jump-starting your healthy lifestyle, I have another cleanse suggestion you’ll want to know about. It’s a cleanse and reset that will give your body a safe, rapid reset in little time. If your body has been trying to tell you something, now is the time to listen. Have you been battling fatigue? Do you spend your days feeling bloated, overweight, and exhausted? When I was feeling sluggish, had dark circles reminding me how exhausted I was, and just didn’t feel like myself, I developed a plan that was able to truly cleanse and reset my body. And it helped rejuvenate me in only five days! Talk about a rapid reset!

By spending five days of trying out various recipes I’ve put together, without harsh food restrictions, you’ll be able to cleanse and reset your body and mind. This rapid reset cleanse offers flexibility; no need to stop your Keto, Paleo, or Vegan lifestyle. Can’t go without carbs? No problem! I also developed a carb counter chart so you’ll always be on top of your intake. If it sounds like I’ve made it easy for you, it’s because I have! Done for you recipes and carb counting. Flexible eating. Charts to keep you on track. And my Cleanse and Reset book to guide you through your five-day rapid reset. You’ll be on the road to a healthier you.

Do you want to know what the best part is? I did it all without starving myself or denying my body the healthy fats and proteins it needs. I felt so incredible; I couldn't wait to share the cleanse and reset program with everyone. I’m me again. I’m refreshed. Slimmer. Healthier. How is it possible in just five days? The Cleanse and Reset can provide your body with rich amounts of:

  • Collagen
  • Bone broth
  • Healthy fats

They’ll keep you feeling satisfied while repairing your cells. As you take on this rapid reset, you’ll be flushing out the toxins and re-energizing your body. The cleanse and reset is designed to be the safe, healthy lifestyle change your body needs. And when I say rapid reset, I mean you’ll be feeling the change in no time!

No matter which cleanse you choose, don’t deprive your body of the necessities. Find a cleanse that helps rid your body of toxins, while making you feel good. You shouldn’t be left hungry and sluggish while you’re working so hard to do something right for your body. You’ve got some great choices to consider. Just remember to make it a conscious lifestyle choice to ensure long-lasting results. I can honestly tell you, I’ve never felt better and I believe you can achieve the same!

Keep thinking Big and living BOLD!