The Safety of the Rapid Reset as a Keto Cleanse

The Safety of the Rapid Reset as a Keto Cleanse

For many, keto has been a successful way to cleanse and live a healthy lifestyle. But is it safe? It requires several dietary restrictions that are new to most and can require an adjustment period as your body works through some of the possible side effects.

Finding a safe and healthy cleanse for a rapid reset is an important task, one that you shouldn't take lightly. There is a wealth of information out there. Weighing the pros and cons will help you decide on the cleanse best suited for your body. So, how safe and effective is a keto cleanse, and what should you expect?

Keto Cleanse Basics

Living a keto lifestyle isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. It restricts your carb intake to the bare minimum, allows you only moderate portions of proteins, and increases your fat intake to burn fat quickly. Yep, you read that correctly; you’ll be burning fat by consuming more fat. With the drastic cut back to your carb consumption, your body is being instructed to burn ketone bodies, a type of fat. The burning of ketones is in place of burning the sugar you typically use for energy. This state, known as ketosis, helps your body melt stubborn belly fat quicker than you ever thought possible. And with that stubborn belly fat goes the equally stubborn toxins that have invaded your body. It's an entirely natural process of metabolism and is even triggered when you haven’t consumed food for quite some time. When your body goes through a rapid reset, it experiences a drop in insulin levels, and stored fat releases from your fat cells. This abundance of fat fills your liver, turning most of it into ketones. Your entire body, including your brain, utilizes the energy created by burning these ketones.

Keto Pros

I’m a firm believer that the safety of any cleanse depends on the conscious choices you make. A rapid reset of your systems with a keto cleanse can be beneficial in many ways. It offers a quick method of attaining ketosis; or a fat-burning state. It also reduces and balances your blood sugar and insulin levels, which are critical factors in the weight loss game.

A safe keto cleanse will provide you with low or non-processed foods, non-starchy veggies, and fruits that are low in carb content. The addition of collagen and bone broth is always a huge plus! Who wouldn't want clear, radiant skin, healthy hair and nails, and the extra healing benefits these two powerhouses provide? Your body would also benefit from pairing keto with a healthy five-day cleanse. 

Keto Woes

Are you making wise choices to keep yourself safe and healthy? During a rapid reset, your body is stripped down to minimums your system isn’t accustomed to. There is a right way and a wrong way to approach any cleanse. For instance:

Fat is Fat

Or is it? A keto cleanse isn’t a rapid reset that gives you a free pass to go crazy on just any fatty food you're dying to get your hands on. To burn fat, you need to be consuming the right fats. Pass on processed fatty foods and oils claiming to be veggie. These imposters may send a tidal wave of inflammation throughout your body. Steer clear of inflammatory, disease-prone oils such as:
    • Corn
    • Soy
    • Canola 
Instead, replace these choices with healthier alternatives such as coconut and olive oil. Additional healthy fats to add to your “yes” list include: 
    • Avocados
    • Grass-fed dairy products
    • Wild fish

Don’t Overdo the Dairy

Many following a keto cleanse tend to fill up on dairy during their keto cleanse. While grass-fed dairy has its benefits, too much can cause you some unpleasant discomforts. You may be one of the 65% of people who have lactose intolerance. The levels of intolerance can vary, and some people don’t even know they have a lactose intolerance at first. As we get older, our ability to handle lactose decreases. And what happens to lactose when it can’t be easily digested? It just sits there. Milk’s natural sugar fills your gut with the threat of inflammation and disease, just waiting to wreak havoc on your body.

As it slowly begins to ferment over time, you’ll have the unpleasant gifts of bloating and gas. Add to this the possibility that you’re allergic to milk’s protein, casein, and you’ve now gifted yourself the possible unpleasantries of:

    • Nausea and vomiting
    • Diarrhea
    • Eczema, hives, or other skin conditions

Beware of Keto Quick-Fixes 

Don’t be fooled by fancy labels. Just because it says it’s keto doesn't mean it's healthy for you. Sure, it may be easier to grab a keto bar and dash out the door, but do you know what you're putting into your body? Consider the fact that you are very limited to the amount and the types of foods you may consume while following a keto plan. It adds up quickly, so you might as well make sure you aren’t filling up on harmful ingredients or empty calories, right? Make each bite count and fill yourself with fiber and protein instead of a quick fix that may leave you feeling depleted and disappointed.

Too often, “diet” bars are loaded with artificial sugars, a long list of chemicals to preserve them, and unnatural flavorings. Kind of defeats the purpose of a rapid reset, doesn't it? It may say low carb, but are you sure you're getting the necessary amounts of vitamins, antioxidants, and fiber your body needs on a cleanse? It certainly can’t compare to the nutrients you receive from a healthy, prepared meal.

Pre-existing Health Concerns 

You can ensure the safety of your health by consulting your doctor before taking on an aggressive challenge like keto. Certain underlying health conditions are dangerous when paired with the restrictions that come with keto’s rapid reset guidelines.

If you have had liver failure, pancreatitis, or impaired fat metabolism, embarking on a high-fat cleanse may not be the right choice for you. If you know your body has trouble absorbing, digesting, or making use of fats, talk with your doctor before jumping in blindly.

Although keto is known for its amazingly quick weight loss results, play it safe if you are on medication or have diabetes. Keto has even found itself in the middle of safety debates concerning obese cleanse-goers. Don’t risk hypoglycemia or other complications you may not be aware of. A rapid reset should be done safely to ensure your health.

Side Effects to Be Aware Of

Not everyone will experience these side effects, but it’s a good idea to make yourself aware of the possibilities. For some, it may be the deciding factor of trying a keto cleanse or not.

The Keto Flu 

Your body may experience flu-like symptoms when you first begin ketosis. Resembling the flu, the "low-carb flu" or "keto flu" cause various short-term symptoms, including:

    • Fatigue
    • Hunger
    • Difficulty sleeping
    • Feelings of brain fogginess
    • Nausea
    • Lack of energy

They certainly don't sound enjoyable, but if you can power through a couple of days of symptoms, your body will love you for it.

Muscle Cramping of the Legs 

Leg cramps are a pesky side effect that’s typically caused by the depletion of minerals and water. Although you may be pushing liquids to keep yourself hydrated, ketosis is known for reducing water weight. The lack of carbs in a keto cleanse removes glycogen from your liver and muscles as it flushes out toxins.

Digestive Issues

It’s not uncommon to experience various digestive issues and discomforts with the change of any diet. With keto, you are more likely to deal with constipation than anything. The decrease of fiber in the keto cleanse paired with the water loss can lead to constipation, but you should be good to go within a couple of weeks.

Changes in Heart Rate 

Some people feel like their heart is racing during the beginning of their keto diet. Your body is adjusting to the decrease in carbs and salt, as well as possible dehydration. If it’s persistent, add a bit more to your carb intake to see if it subsides.

Less Than Pleasant Breath

Ok, so this isn't exactly a deal-breaker, but worth mentioning. You may notice an acetone smell to your breath for a couple of weeks. It's normal and common, so no need to panic. Just toss a pack of mints or gum in your car, and you're set!

Staying Keto-Positive

Before I run you off with all my talk of health concerns and restrictions that come with the keto cleanse, let me shower you with some positive news. Keto has been linked to health benefits in patients with type two diabetes, epilepsy, and other chronic health illnesses. It jumpstarts healthy eating habits and teaches you the benefits and dangers of various foods.

When you take on the keto cleanse for weight loss goals, you’ll love the results you can achieve. So much so, that I’ve designed my Cleanse and Reset to be keto, paleo, and vegetarian-friendly with easy to implement modifications. It’s a five-day cleanse that will turn your health around. On top of that, I've incorporated the ultra-rapid reset benefits of keto with my five-day cleanse to offer your body a head start. I call it the Keto Push.

Keto + Cleanse and Reset

Why consider pairing your keto cleanse with my five-day cleanse? If you're already benefiting from a healthy keto diet, adding my five-day cleanse will give your body some extra TLC. Your exposure to harmful environmental toxins will build up in your body, no matter how cautious you try to be. With a quick five-day cleanse, your digestive tract will be bathed in essentials, including:

  • Vitamins
  • Nutrients
  • Amino acids
  • Healthy fats
  • Clean protein
  • Fiber
  • Collagen

You’ll wash away any toxins that have begun to settle in and cause trouble and restore, heal, and re-energize from the inside out. Because my cleanse is so gentle and full of good-for-you foods, it is a safe way to enhance your keto efforts and benefit from a rapid reset. It can provide an extra dose of nutrients to your body.

The Keto Push

For my overachievers (or those of you already living the Keto way), I give you the Keto Push! It’s a 24-hour pre-cleanse where you’ll sip on bone broth and water. It’s a great way to kick off your five-day cleanse and will have you burning off that stubborn fat immediately. You’ll begin day one of your five-day cleanse following your Keto Push.

Five-Day Cleanse: What Can it Offer Me?

This rapid reset won’t leave you hungry or lacking in energy and motivation. You'll fill up on incredibly satisfying foods that will cleanse, heal, and protect you while clean protein fuels your body with energy. Instead of a fast that can sometimes leave you hungry and depleted of energy, you’ll limit yourself to smaller meals and snacks on this quick five-day cleanse. The great news is that they're made up of nutritious green smoothies, shakes, and soups that will flood your body with the essentials you need. Your digestive tract will have time to heal while taking a break from digesting solids. Reducing your carb intake significantly will kick you into serious fat-burning mode while you begin to restore your health and feel rejuvenated!

Modifying the Cleanse to Meet Your Keto Needs

If you’re already living a keto lifestyle, this rapid reset will pair easily and bring you increased health benefits and weight loss results! My five-day cleanse allows you to make modifications without much hassle. I highly recommend you start with my Keto Push, followed by my keto-friendly cleanse and reset plan. You’ll even find my favorite keto recipes to help you through your rapid reset. Many only require a simple replacement or two of the starchy veggies and fruits to meet your keto needs.

While there are many things to consider when evaluating the safety of the keto cleanse, you know your body best. Consider your health, the side effects, and the goals you hope to achieve with keto. If you still find yourself on the fence about it, why not try the Keto Push and the five-day cleanse? Think of it as a crash course to test the waters and see how your body reacts to the change. I guarantee your body will thank you for the five-day rapid reset, if nothing else. Find out how to start healing your body today!