Why Do Shake Cleanses Work?

Why Do Shake Cleanses Work?

When you’re trying to get back to a healthier diet, slim down, and perk up, it can be challenging to choose the plan that works best for you. From meal-replacements shakes to intermittent fasting; what do you choose? Sticking with the plan you select is an even greater obstacle for most of us. This is one benefit to my five-day cleanse; it's quick, it's nutritious, and it's effective. You also won’t get bored with the variety of delicious soups, smoothies, and shakes I’ve created for you to enjoy. Not to mention, they make your cleanse pretty stress-free.


Benefits of a Shake Cleanse

When done right, a shake cleanse can offer your body tremendous benefits. With a shake cleanse, you're able to replace your regular meals with the ingredients of your choice. Lacking in the protein department? Add in a scoop of your nutritional supplements, such as collagen powder. With a balanced shake, you’ll increase your energy level, cleanse your body, and be in full control of your calorie intake.


Research Behind the Shake Cleanse

Studies have shown that people who were placed on a low-calorie diet plan lost significantly less weight than those who were put on a meal replacement plan. So why is there such a sizable difference?


Cleansing Made Simple

Some attribute the outcome to the simplicity of a shake cleanse. Today, we want things now. We want low maintenance. Most people find that a shake is much easier to prepare than a reduced-calorie meal, let alone three of them. Think about how busy our lives have become. Making a quick shake versus a healthy well-balanced meal is the easier option for many of us. A shake cleanse even gets bonus points because people are more likely to stick with a diet plan that causes little fuss, preparation, and planning. Paired with my five-day cleanse, you’ll appreciate the ease it offers.


Calorie Counting Made Simple

When you prepare your own shakes, you’re in control of what goes in and what stays out. Portion size, sugar content, and powdered supplements are all handled with ease. Shakes can be made with quick, precise measurements; offering the ability to track all your calories easily. And while you’re cutting back on calories, a shake is a simpler way to ensure you’re adding in the recommended amount of nutrients your body needs.


Portion Control Made Simple

A shake plan can also curb your habit of overeating. Try to think back to the times you've sat and picked at your food on your plate simply because it was still there in front of you. There's a sensory component to eating, and many of us will overindulge. Replacing a meal with a shake takes that temptation right out of the equation.


With my five-day cleanse, you’ll fill your body with all the nutrients it needs to repair and rejuvenate. You’ll flush out toxins while enjoying an array of shake recipes I provide for you. It really can’t get much easier than this. And just think about how refreshed you’re going to feel by this time next week. Your skin will once again have that youthful, natural glow. The stubborn belly fat will quickly melt away. Your gut will heal, and your spirits will lift. Ready to find out what a shake cleanse has in store for the new you?

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